Velike Bloke

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Velike Bloke
Velike Bloke is located in Slovenia
Velike Bloke
Velike Bloke
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 45°47′6.11″N 14°28′47.59″E / 45.7850306°N 14.4798861°E / 45.7850306; 14.4798861Coordinates: 45°47′6.11″N 14°28′47.59″E / 45.7850306°N 14.4798861°E / 45.7850306; 14.4798861
CountryFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional regionInner Carniola
Statistical regionLittoral–Inner Carniola
 • Total6.37 km2 (2.46 sq mi)
Elevation729.4 m (2,393.0 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Total212

Velike Bloke (pronounced [ˈʋeːlikɛ ˈbloːkɛ]) is a village in the Municipality of Bloke in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia.[2]


The name Velike Bloke literally means 'big Bloke' and originally distinguished the settlement from Male Bloke (literally, 'little Bloke'). However, after the parish church was built in Male Bloke, that settlement became known as Fara (literally, 'parish').[2] The name Bloke itself was first attested in written sources in 1230 as Oblach (and as Oblukch in 1260, Oblakh in 1360, and Obloc in 1581). These early transcriptions indicate that the name was originally *Obloke, probably derived from the prepositional phrase *ob(ь) lǫky or *ob(ь) lǫkaxъ 'next to the flood-meadow(s)'. Less likely theories connect the name to the meanings 'next to rough terrain' or 'arc, arch'.[3]


The local church in the settlement is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and belongs to the Parish of Bloke.[4]


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