Veliki Borak

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Veliki Borak
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Veliki Borak is located in Serbia
Veliki Borak
Coordinates: 44°32′18″N 20°21′04″E / 44.53833°N 20.35111°E / 44.53833; 20.35111Coordinates: 44°32′18″N 20°21′04″E / 44.53833°N 20.35111°E / 44.53833; 20.35111
Country Serbia
District Belgrade
Settlement Veliki Borak
Population (2012)
 • Total 1,287
Time zone UTC+1
Area code(s) 011

Veliki Borak (Serbian Cyrillic: Велики Борак) is a suburban settlement of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in the municipality of Barajevo.

Veliki Borak is located in the western part of the municipality, southwest of the municipal seat of Barajevo and 4 km east of the Ibarska magistrala (Highway of Ibar), but near the Belgrade-Bar railway.

In the period of the First Serbian Uprising, this region produced many well-known names, among which the most famous ones are the Prince Sima Markovic from Veliki Borak and the great hero Milisav Camdzija, who was the first among the rebellions to enter the Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan. The first National assembly was held in Veliki Borak in 1805. In this assembly “Praviteljstvujesci sovijet srpski” was established, as the first organ of executive authority in Serbia.

The priest Mateja A. Nenadovic was elected as the first President, and the Councilor of Belgrade district was Pavle Popovic from Vranic. In Veliki Borak, during the First Serbian Uprising, there was the first post-office in Serbia.

It is a rural settlement, with a population of 1,287 (Census 2002).