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A month before the start of Veliki Brat 1 Serbia, a week-long mini-BB took place. 12 "hopefuls" entered the house. They will stay for 7 days and there will be no nominations or evictions.

The show will be recorded and broadcast on TV a week later. Phone lines will open for the public to vote for their winner. The male and the female Housemates with the most votes will be the winner and will win a prize of becoming Housemates in the main edition next month.


Housemates Residence Occupation Age
Serbia Aleksandra Đukić Vrnjacka Banja Unemployed 21
Serbia Antal Skendžić Zrenjanin Student 19
Serbia Jelena Provči Petrovaradin Promoter 26
Serbia Kesa Keserović Belgrade Champion of Serbia and Yugoslavia in Tae Kwan Do 27
Serbia Marko Miljkovic New Belgrade DJ at Green Bar in Belgrade 22
Serbia Milana Nenin Veternik Waitress 21
Serbia Mirjana Evetović Tavankut[disambiguation needed] Taxi driver 27
Serbia Nataša Gocić Niš Student 23
Serbia Predrag Krunić, "Peda" Novi Sad Owns a shop 28
Serbia Slobodan Velicki Ada Owns a shop 25
Serbia Tamara Zornić Knjazevac Sells jewelry 28
Serbia Vanja Petrović Jagodina Chef 20

The show[edit]

After a weeks stay in the House the Housemates today left and the show ended.

The highlights show from day 1 was broadcast this evening.

The winners will be announced on Friday 15 September 2006, the evening of the launch of Veliki Brat 1.

Jelena and Marko are the winners of Veliki Brat Proba Serbia & tonight entered the House as proper Housemates in Veliki Brat 1 Serbia.

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