Veliko Gradište

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Veliko Gradište
Велико Градиште
Town and municipality
Town center of Veliko Gradiste and Orthodox church
Town center of Veliko Gradiste and Orthodox church
Coat of arms of Veliko Gradište
Coat of arms
Location of the municipality of Veliko Gradište within Serbia
Location of the municipality of Veliko Gradište within Serbia
Coordinates: 44°45′N 21°31′E / 44.750°N 21.517°E / 44.750; 21.517Coordinates: 44°45′N 21°31′E / 44.750°N 21.517°E / 44.750; 21.517
Country  Serbia
Region Southern and Eastern Serbia
District Braničevo
Settlements 26
 • Mayor Dragan Milić
 • Municipality 344 km2 (133 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)[2]
 • Town 6,204
 • Municipality 17,610
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 12220
Area code +381 12
Car plates PO
Climate Cfb
Veliko Gradiste2.jpg

Veliko Gradište (Serbian Cyrillic: Велико Градиште, pronounced [ʋělikoː ɡrâdiːʃte]) is a town and municipality located in the Braničevo District of the eastern Serbia. It is situated the right bank of the Danube river and left bank of the Pek river. In 2011, the town has total population of 6,204, while the municipality has 17,610.


Thracians and Dacians lived in the region prior to the Roman conquering of the Balkans in the 1st century BC, when the town was known as "Pincum", in the province of Upper Moesia. The Pincum relief of the Trojan Cycle depicting Achilles and Hector was found in Ritopek.[3]


Its name stems from the phrase "big building site" in Serbian. Names in other languages: Romanian: Gradiştea Mare.


Aside from the town of Veliko Gradište, the municipality includes the following settlements:

  • Veliko Gradište
  • Biskuplje
  • Garevo
  • Desina
  • Doljšnica
  • Đurakovo
  • Zatonje
  • Kamijevo
  • Kisiljevo
  • Kurjače
  • Kumane
  • Kusiće
  • Ljubinje
  • Majilovac
  • Makce
  • Ostrovo
  • Pečanica
  • Požeženo
  • Ram
  • Sirakovo
  • Srednjevo
  • Topolovnik
  • Tribrode
  • Carevac
  • Češljeva bara

Ethnic groups[edit]

Ethnic groups in the Veliko Gradište municipality (2002 census):

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