Veljko Vlahović

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Veljko Vlahović

Veljko Vlahović (1914 in Trmanje, Podgorica municipality - 1975) was a Montenegrin member of the Yugoslav Communist Party from 1935. He studied in Belgrade, Prague, and the Sorbonne (in Paris), and finished his postgraduate studies in Moscow. He fought in the Spanish Civil War and was active in organizing the Communist Youth League of Yugoslavia (SKOJ). During World War II he directed the Free Yugoslavia radio. In 1944 he became editor of the Serbian communist daily, Borba. He also served as deputy Foreign Minister.

Vlahović was essential in organizing the documents for the Programme of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia (Program Saveza komunista Jugoslavije, also known as the Ljubljana Programme, which laid the principles of Titoism) and the 10th Congress of the Party, both in 1958. As such, he kept a great authority alongside Josip Broz Tito as an ideological mastermind.

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