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Velká pardubická is a famous cross-country steeplechase run in Pardubice, Czech Republic since 1874. It takes place every year on the second Sunday in October. The length of the steeplechase is 6.9 km, with 31 obstacles. It usually takes 9–10 minutes to finish the course. The fastest time recorded was 8 minutes and 58.99 seconds by Sixteen in 2008 and the slowest was over 13 minutes. Horses starting in the race must be at least 6 years old (the rules changed in 2009, previously the minimum age was 7 years) and Czech horses must qualify by finishing at least one of four qualifying races during the season.


The race was first run in 1874 in Pardubice. The town of Pardubice had long been known in the horse racing world. Even some trainers and jockeys from England came here to work. The current steeplechase course was established in 1856. However the course first took its present-day form in the years just after the Second World War.[1]

The course of the race has been changed several times. The most recent change was in 1998 when the direction of the final phase of the race was changed. The reason was the location of the new grandstand. The surface of the racecourse is mainly grass, but one quarter of the race is run through ploughed fields, which used to take almost half of the race in the past. Some obstacles have also been changed, mostly to improve safety, although the difficulty of the race is said to have suffered as a result.[1]


Historically, the most successful horse in the race was Železník. The horse won the race four times (from 1987 to 1989 and again in 1991).

Josef Váňa Sr. is the most successful jockey, having achieved eight victories. Josef is also a very well known celebrity in the Czech Republic. There is a 2012 movie about him (Váňa, directed by Jakub Wagner). He has also trained 8 winners of the Velká Pardubická and 6 horses which have finished in second place.

The only woman to have won the race is Lata Brandis. Lata won in 1937 with a mare named Norma.

In 1909 no horse finished the race (only 3 horses ran that year and none of them made it to the finish).

Taxis Ditch[edit]

This is the most famous obstacle in the race, and it is jumped just once. It is the fourth fence. 28 horses have died at this obstacle. In the past it consisted of a 2 m deep and 5 m long ditch hidden behind a 1.5 m high hedge. Nowadays, it is a 1 m deep and 4 m long ditch with a 1.5 m high hedge.


Year Horse Jockey Trainer
2016 Charme Look Jan Faltejsek Martina Růžičková
2015 Ribelino Pavel Kašný Stanislav Kovář
2014 Orphee des Blins Jan Faltejsek Grzegorz Wroblewski
2013 Orphee des Blins Jan Faltejsek Grzegorz Wroblewski
2012 Orphee des Blins Jan Faltejsek Grzegorz Wroblewski
2011 Tiumen J. Váňa sr.
2010 Tiumen J. Váňa sr.
2009 Tiumen J. Váňa sr.
2008 Sixteen J. Bartoš
2007 Sixteen* D. Andrés
2006 Decent Fellow J. Bartoš
2005 Maskul D. Fuhrmann
2004 Registana P. Gehm
2003 Registana P. Gehm
2002 Maskul P. Gehm
2001 Chalco P. Gehm
2000 Peruán Z. Matysík
1999 Peruán Z. Matysík
1998 Peruán Z. Matysík
1997 Vronsky J. Váňa sr.
1996 Cipísek V. Snitkovskij
1995 It's a Snip Ch. Mann
1994 Erudit V. Snitkovskij
1993 Rigoletto L. Štencl
1992 Quirinus J. Brečka
1991 Železník J. Váňa sr.
1990 Libentína K. Zajko
1989 Železník J. Váňa sr.
1988 Železník J. Váňa sr.
1987 Železník J. Váňa sr.
1986 Valencio K. Zajko
1985 Festival P. Vozáb
1984 Erot N. Chludějev
1983 Sagar P. Liebich
1982 Sagar P. Liebich
1981 Sagar P. Liebich
1980 Simon V. Knápek
1979 Legenda J. Chaloupka
1978 Lancaster J. Kasal
1977 Václav V. Chaloupka
1976 Limit F. Zobal
1975 Mor K. Benš
1974 Mor K. Benš
1973 Stephen's Society CH. Collins
1972 Korok V. Chaloupka
1971 Korok V. Chaloupka
1970 Vezna II N. G. Milev
1969 Korok V. Chaloupka
1968 cancelled  
1967 Dresděn A.N. Sokolov
1966 Nestor T. Kňazík
1965 Mocná F. Vítek
1964 Priboj V. Z. Gorelkin
1963 Koran F. Vítek
1962 Gaboj R. P. Makarov
1961 Grifel I. L. Avdějev
1960 Grifel I. L. Avdějev
1959 Epigraf V. P. Prachov
1958 Epigraf V. P. Prachov
1957 Epigraf V. N. Fedin
1956 Letec J. Vavroušek
1955 Furioso XIV J. Čajda
1954 Unkas L. Raimond
1953 Junák F. Palýza
1952 Vítěz M. Svoboda
1951 Salvátor V. Hejmovský
1950 Var J. Jungman
1949 Učeň O. Dostál
1948 Var M. Kotek
1947 Rayon De M. Buret
1946 Titan M. Svoboda
1938-1945 cancelled  
1937 Norma L. v. Brandis
1936 Herold O. Lengnik
1935 Herold O. Lengnik
1934 Wahne H. Wiese
1933 Remus R. Spano
1932 Remus R. Spano
1931 Pohanka F. Durand
1930 Gyi Lovam! R. Popler
1929 Ben Hur G. Schwandt
1928 Vogler H. Schmidt
1927 Forum J. Charous
1926 All Right II R. Popler
1925 Landgraf II K. Holoubek
1924 Herero E. Stärz
1923 Landgraf II J. Pinter
1922 Baldur F. Gimpel
1921 Periwig J. Syrový
1920 Jonathan K. Kozlík
1913 Hurain W. Reimer
1913 Dick Turpin F. Janek
1912 Hurain W. Reimer
1912 Jamagata F. Bartosch
1911 Glenmorgan E. Krieger
1910 Paul Heston M. Seiffert
1909 no winner  
1908 cancelled  
1907 Kourgan J. Birghan
1906 Tigra H. H. Huxtable
1905 Scotch Moor M. Seiffert
1904 Dennis T. H. Buckenham
1903 Jour Fix U. Rosak
1902 Jour Fix U. Rosak
1901 Chorazy F. E. Slinn
1900 Magyarád T. H. Buckenham
1899 Slava T. H. Buckenham
1898 Handy Andy R. Jekyll
1897 Magyarád E. Geoghegan
1896 Lady Anne E. Geoghegan
1895 Galamb II A. Hall
1894 Lady Anne E. Geoghegan
1893 Hadnagy G. Williamson
1892 Alphabet J. Westlake
1891 Lady Anne R. Fletcher
1890 Alphabet G. Williamson
1889 Parisis R. Fletcher
1888 Et Caetera M. Phillips
1887 Woodman H. Baltazzi
1886 Hanno R. Fletcher
1885 Abracadabra H. Fries
1884 Jessica W. H. Moore
1883 Victoria H. Baltazzi
1882 Per Dampf T. Harraway
1881 Victoria H. Baltazzi
1880 Good Morning M. Phillips
1879 Rudi I. Hanreich
1878 Brigand F. Metternich
1877 Brigand F. Metternich
1876 cancelled  
1875 Brigand G. Herbert
1874 Fantome G. Sayers
  • In 2008, Amant Gris was first past the post, but was disqualified for taking the wrong course


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