Vellapally Natesan

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Vellappally Natesan
Vellappally Natesan 2013 1.JPG
Personal details
Nationality Indian
Political party Bharath Dharma Jana Sena
Spouse(s) Preethi Natesan
Children 3
Occupation Politician
Profession Businessman
Religion Hinduism

Shri. V.K.Natesan popularly known as Vellappally Natesan is the General Secretary of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam, a social organisation in Kerala.

Vellappally Natesan is the Managing Director of Vellappally Natesan and Company Ltd, one of the largest contracting companies in South India. He began his business as a contractor with PWD and he was considered one of the best contractors of his era.

He began his second phase of contracting career with Indian Railways. The confidence that Vellappally Natesan has built in the mind sets of the E. Sreedharan the chief of Konkan Railway, his reference with Vellappally Nateasan has brought opportunities of big contract works even from North India.

The confidence that Vellappally built in the authorities of railways for quality constructions at reasonable cost made. Vellappally to become the one of largest contractors with railways in India. His company is also involved in NTPC Construction at Kayamkulam , Dronacharya Complex of Military Engineering Services and National Highways.