Vellayani Lake

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Vellayani Lake
Vellayani lake at vavvamoola bund road.jpg
LocationThiruvananthapuram district, Kerala
Coordinates8°24′N 76°59′E / 8.400°N 76.983°E / 8.400; 76.983Coordinates: 8°24′N 76°59′E / 8.400°N 76.983°E / 8.400; 76.983
Native nameവെള്ളായണി കായൽ  (Malayalam)
Basin countriesIndia

Vellayani Lake, or Vellayani Kayal as known in local language, is the largest fresh water lake in Thiruvananthapuram district, of Kerala, India.


It is around 9 km away from the Thiruvananthapuram Central Bus Station at Thampanoor. Buses ply to Vellayani Lake from City Depot at East Fort also. It is at a distance of 7 km from Kovalam via Poonkulam junction.


A road passes through this lake; a bund has been constructed for this purpose. This lake attracts a lot of tourists. Once in Kovalam, a visitor should not allow to miss the opportunity of seeing this wonder lake of freshwater. Its crystal-clear calm water, especially during moonlit nights, is a craze for the minds. The locals say a side of the lake is Kochu Kovalam, meaning tiny Kovalam.[citation needed]

There is a boat race in the lake during Onam which attracts a huge crowd. Country boat service is available from Kovalam beach to reach the lake.

Harvesting lotus leaves

Threats to the Lake[edit]

There was a move to drain the lake and use the reclaimed area for agriculture. It was resisted by locals and environmentalists and has been shelved.[1][2]

Illegal sand mining, pollution and land reclamation is affecting the condition of the lake.

Vavvamoola Lake road
Vavvamoola Lake road
Vavvamoola Lake road before tarring with concrete benches in the background

Vavvamoola Lake[edit]

The bund road in the Northern side of Kakkamoola-Trivandrum road is the Vavvamoola Lake Shore. The drinking water supply for the Vizhinjam International Seaport is proposed to be from Vavvamoola Lake. The Road was renovated in December 2015. It also has concrete benches in the roadside to attract tourists.


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