Veltrusy Mansion

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Veltrusy Mansion, shown with the arms of the Chotek family

Veltrusy Mansion (Czech: Zámek Veltrusy) is a baroque château in Veltrusy, Bohemia, located in the Mělník District of the Czech Republic. The mansion is situated near the banks of the Vltava River, about 25 km north of Prague. The mansion is open to the public for visits.

The mansion was initially built in 1716 by architect František Maxmilián Kaňka for Count Václav Antonín Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín. The original mansion was extended in 1764 by architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi on the orders of Count Rudolf Chotek of Chotkov and Vojnín, who also commissioned the interior decoration. Further extensions and the annexes of the mansion were constructed in 1804.


Coordinates: 50°16′39.52″N 14°19′47.27″E / 50.2776444°N 14.3297972°E / 50.2776444; 14.3297972

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