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Velvet Blue Music
Velvet Blue Music logo.png
Founded 1996
Founder Jeff Cloud
Genre Indie
Country of origin  United States
Location Huntington Beach, California
Official website Velvet Blue Music

Velvet Blue Music is an independent record label founded in 1996 by Jeff Cloud (formerly of Joy Electric, Starflyer 59 and other independent bands).


Catalog No. Artist Title Release Date Format
VBM175 Soft Lions XOXO 2016-10-282016 10" vinyl - promo cd
VBM174 Soft Lions Run In Dreams 2016-08-052016 Digital
VBM173 Blue Blue Youth We Are Wood And Likely To Burn 2016-08-0122016 Cassette
VBM172 Doug Burr Country Girls In City Dresses 2016-06-172016 Digital
VBM171 Gileah Taylor Songs For Late At Night Vol. 2 2016-06-102016 12" - CD - Cassette
VBM170 Soda Shop Wistful Past 2016-04-012016 Digital
VBM169 Fine China The Jaws of Life 2015-12-112015 12"
VBM168 Doug Burr Pale White Dove Deluxe 2015-12-042015 Digital
VBM167 Soda Shop Grow Up 2015-11-202015 Digital
VBM166 Soda Shop Soda Shop 2015-09-042015 12" / CD
VBM166 Soda Shop Keep Swimming - Ian Catt Remix 2015-08-212015 Digital
VBM165 Soda Shop Keep Swimming 2015-08-072015 Digital
VBM164 Telegraph Canyon You From Before 2015-07-312015 12" / CD
VBM163 Soft Lions Spellbreaker 2015-07-072015 7" / CD
VBM162 Telegraph Canyon Why Let It Go 2015-06-232015 7"
VBM161 Doug Burr Pale White Dove 2015-04-072015 CD
VBM160 Doug Burr White Night - Black Light 2015-03-102015 7"
VBM159 Kissing Cousins In With Them 2014-12-092014 7"
VBM158 Frank Lenz Summer's Coming Soon 2014-08-192014 Digital
VBM157 Mike Sempert Mid Dream Complete Sessions 2014-08-262014 Digital
VBM156 Bethan Low Expectations 2012-10-132012 Digital
VBM155 Bethan Time Gone By 2014-09-022014 CD
VBM154 Mike Sempert Mid Dream 2014-05-062014 CD / 12"
VBM153 Frank Lenz Water Tiger 2013-06-252013 CD
VBM152 Air Review Low Wishes 2013-01-292013 CD
VBM151 Bethan Bethan Presents- Christmas 2012-10-132012 Digital
VBM150 Datahowler The Crystal Gazers 2012-02-152013 10" vinyl
VBM149 Frank Lenz Vacation 2012-02-152012 Digital
VBM148 The Rock n Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher Motion Picture Soundtrack 2012-02-152012 CD
VBM147 James & Evander Bummer Pop 2012-02-152012 CD
VBM146 James & Evander Ambigamy 2012-02-152012 Digital / Advance CD
VBM145 Frank Lenz Holy Rollers : Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2012-02-152012 CD
VBM144 Doug Burr Trembling Lips and Pale Fingertips 2012-02-152012 7"
VBM143 Gold Beach Gold Beach 2011-02-152012 7"
VBM142 Heywood Skills For The Long Emergency 2011-02-152011 CD
VBM141 Mist Giant Human Tree 2011-02-152011 Digital / 12" / Advance CD
VBM140 James & Evander Constellating 2011-02-152011 Digital
VBM139 Kissing Cousins Unfortunate End 2011-02-152011 CD / 2 x 7"
VBM138 Winter's Fall At All Angles 2011-02-152011 CD
VBM137 Seryn This Is Where We Are 2011-01-252011 Advance CD / CD / 12"
VBM136 Birds & Batteries Panorama 2010-8-252010 CD / 12"
VBM135 LN So You May Find Me When I'm Lost 2010-8-182009 Digital
VBM134 Velvet Blue Music 10 Significant Others - Sampler 2010-6-262010 CD
VBM133 The Prids Chronosynclastic 2010-6-112010 CD / 12"
VBM132 Doug Burr O Ye Devastator 2010-4-272010 CD / 12"
VBM130 The Langley Sisters Queen Bee 2010-2-272010 7"
VBM129 Telegraph Canyon The Tide and The Current 2009-8-182009 CD / 12"
VBM128 Map Speechless 2009-8-252009 CD
VBM127 Velvet Blue Music 6 Songs 2009-8-012009 CD
VBM126 Kissing Cousins Pillar of Salt 2009-6-122009 CD / 12"
VBM125 Frank Lenz Strictly Background Soundtrack 2009-5-122009 CD
VBM124 Ronald of Orange Brush Away The Cobwebs 2009-3-032009 CD
VBM123 Doug Burr The Shawl 2008-12-182008 CD
VBM122 Velvet Blue Music Hello Vinyl 2008-12-012008 Double CD
VBM121 Gary Murray & LN Downstream Angles 2008-10-012008 CD
VBM120 Kissing Cousins She's Right 2008-10-012008 CD Single
VBM119 Map Regrets, Silhouettes, and Distractions 2008-08-012008 CD
VBM117 Silver Cities Power and Strife 2008-06-012008 CD
VBM116 Various Artists Hearing Voices - Unsigned Band Compilation #9 2007-12-312007 CD
VBM115 Joy Electric Workmanship EP 2007-12-312007 CD
VBM114 Kissing Cousins EP3 2007-12-312007 CD
VBM113 Murray, GaryGary Murray Revenant Waltz EP, TheThe Revenant Waltz EP 2006-12-312006 CD
VBM112 Broadway Hush, TheThe Broadway Hush Moon Songs 2006-12-312006 7"
VBM111B Broadway Hush, TheThe Broadway Hush Sun Songs 2006-12-312006 7"
VBM111A Calico Sunset Blue Balloon 2006-12-312006 CD
VBM110 Map San Francisco in the 90’s 2006-12-312006 CD
VBM109 Kissing Cousins EP2 2006-12-312006 CD
VBM108 Various Artists Tables Will Turn: Unsigned Band Compilation #8 2006-12-312006 Double CD
VBM107 Richard Swift Novelist, The / Walking Without EffortThe Novelist / Walking Without Effort 2006-12-312006 Double 12"
VBM106 Kissing Cousins Kissing Cousins 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM105 LN Dirt Floor Hotel Part 2 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM104 Other Desert Cities On the Verge of Collapsing 2006-12-312006 CD
VBM103 LN Without Your Song 2005-12-312005 7"
VBM102 Silver Cities Silver Cities EP 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM101 Map Monk with a Gun 2005-12-312005 7"
VBM100 Pony Express Odd Balls 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM099 Richard Swift Nothing to do with Foxy Boxing 2005 7"
VBM098 Various Artists New Music Sampler 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM097 Denison Marrs World Renown for Romance (Re-Issue) 2005 CD
VBM096 LN Drawn by Swans EP 2005 CD
VBM095 LaMonica How Shall They Hear? 2005 CD
VBM094 Fine China Don't Frown 2005 7"
VBM093 Richard Swift P.S. It All Falls Down 2005 7"
VBM092 Frank Lenz Conquest Slaughter 2006 CD
VBM091 Various Artists Start the Music - Unsigned Band Compilation #7 2006 Double CD
VBM090 Map Think Like An Owner 2005 CD
VBM089 Kat Jones La Rosa, La Calavera 2005 CD
VBM088 Calico Sunset Deep Deep Paranoia 2005 CD
VBM087 LN Dirt Floor Hotel Part 1 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM086 Pony Express Fraud 2005 CD
VBM085-SWIFT Richard Swift You're Lying 2005-12-312005 7"
VBM085 LN Gravity Gun EP 2005-12-312005 CD
VBM084 Various Artists The New Land - Unsigned Band Compilation #6 2004 CD
VBM083 The Colemans 5-6-7-8 Dance 2004 CD
VBM082 Map Secrets By the Highway 2004 CD
VBM081 Richard Swift The Novelist 2004 CD
VBM080 Derrick C. Brown My Hands, Your Neck! 2003 CD
VBM079 The Party People My My EP 2003 CD
VBM078 Pony Express Becoming What You Hate 2003 CD
VBM077 Various Artists Past & Present 2003 Double CD
VBM076 Kat Jones Building single 2005 CD
VBM075 Various Artists The New Breed - Unsigned Band Compilation #5 2003 Double CD
VBM074 Richard Swift Buildings In America 2003 7"
VBM073A Denison Marrs Then Is the New Now 2002 CD
VBM073 Suffering & The Hideous Thieves / Rocky Votolato Split 2002 7"
VBM072 Canary / Under the Red Scissors & Blue Series #4 2002 CD
VBM071 The John Wilkes Kissing Booth A Threat in the Broadcast 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM070 Other Desert Cities Self Titled 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM069 LN Novel 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM068 Viva Voce / Soul Junk Scissors & Blue Series #3 2001 CD
VBM067 Charity Empressa The Skin of Whippets 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM066 Menomena / Societa Anonima Scissors & Blue Series #2 2001 CD
VBM065 Various Artists Strength in Numbers - Unsigned Band Compilation #4 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM064 Ghoti Hook Self Titled EP 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM063 Francis / Lackthereof Scissors & Blue Series #1 2001 CD
VBM062 Suffering & The Hideous Thieves Real Panic Formed 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM061 Map Easter Skies, Western Eyes EP 2001-12-312001 CD
VBM060 The Colemans Self Titled EP 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM058 Stavesacre / Denison Marrs Split EP 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM057 S.S. Bountyhunter Serpents for Eggs 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM056 Denison Marrs World Renown for Romance 2001 CD
VBM055 Sal Paradise For You and Before You 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM054 The Gold Love is a Science EP 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM053 Various Artists Scene But Not Herd - Unsigned Band Compilation #3 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM052 Various Artists The Black & Blue Compilation 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM051 LN Imaginary Cars 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM050 Denison Marrs Send Me an Angel 2000-12-312000 7"
VBM049 Reverse Between the Yellow and the Blue 2000-12-312000 Double 7"
VBM048 Map Teaching Turtles to Fly 2000-12-312000 CD
VBM047 The Calicoes Custom Acceleration 1999-12-311999 CD
VBM045 Pony Express Monkey Hearts 1999-12-311999 CD
VBM044 LN Plumb Brook 1999-12-311999 CD
VBM043 Starflyer 59 Everybody Makes Mistakes LP 1999-12-311999 12"
VBM042 In a Lonely Place Unit 731 1998-12-311998 CD
VBM041 Phaedo Landscapes 1998-12-311998 CD
VBM040 The Calicoes Sneak Peek EP 1997 CD
VBM039 Jetenderpaul The Woolen Spires 1998-12-311998 CD
VBM038 Pep Squad Angela Jones 1998-12-311998 7"
VBM037 Battered Fish Modern 1997 CD
VBM036 Denison Witmer River Bends 1998-12-311998 CD
VBM035 Various Artists Unsigned Band Compilation #1 1998-12-311998 CD
VBM033 The Calicoes Psychos in Love 1997 7"
VBM032 The Lassie Foundation Dive Bomber EP 1997 CD
VBM031 Upside Down Room Let's Go for a Ride 1997 CD
VBM030 Various Artists Nashville Revolt Sampler 1997 CD
VBM029 Fine China Rialto Bridge 1997 CD
VBM027 Dear Ephesus / Lugsole Split 1996 7"
VBM026 Brandtson Let's Call It A Day 1996 7"
VBM025 Rainbow Rider Beautiful Dazzling Music Number 1 1998 CD
VBM024 Jetenderpaul Don't Look Down 1996 CD
VBM022 The Huntingtons You're Not Right 1997 7"
VBM021 Pony Express The Eastwood Dive 1997 CD
VBM020 LN Cool September Skies 1996 CD
VBM019 Fine China No One Knows EP 1997 7"
VBM018 Fine China The Beautiful 1996 7"
VBM017 Various Artists Velvet Blue Music - 12 Song Sampler 1997-12-311997 CD
VBM016 Bloomsday Bloomsday EP 1997 CD
VBM015 Jetenderpaul Trying Signals: The Histrionics of Suggestion 1997 CD
VBM014 Fold Zandura The White 1997 7"
VBM013 Bon Voyage Issue II 1996 7"
VBM012 The Crocodiles Black Tar 1995 7"
VBM011 Various Artists The Future Is Blue Compilation ? CD
VBM010 The Lassie Foundation Corona Del Mar 1996 7"
VBM009 Jetenderpaul Kalypso 1995 7"
VBM008 Pony Express Under the Gun 1995 7"
VBM007 The Lassie Foundation California 1996 CD
VBM006 Jupiter James Called as Paul 1996 CD
VBM005 Starflyer 59 Plugged 1996 CD
VBM004 Jupiter James John the Madman 1996 7"
VBM003 Bon Voyage Issue 1 1995 7"
VBM002 Pony Express Transparent with Blue Eyes 1995 7"
VBM001 Rainbow Rider We'll Last 1996 7"

The following bands also appear on VBM compilations: The Quiet Company, David Vandervelde, Brooke Waggoner, Summer Darling, The Billions, Sleepover Disaster, Serene, Pacifico, etc

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