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Studio album by Latino Velvet
Released June 18, 2002
Genre West Coast hip hop, hip hop, gangsta rap, Chicano rap
Length 53:38
Label 40 Ounce Records
Producer Big Ice, Happy Perez, Jay Tee (exec.), Johnny Z, Oral Bee, Philly Blunt
Latino Velvet chronology
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(2000)Velvet City2000
Menudo Mix
(2004)Menudo Mix2004
Jay Tee chronology
So Cold
(2001) So Cold2001
(2002) Velvetism2002
(2002) Negotiations2002

Velvetism is the third studio album by American rap group Latino Velvet. It was released June 18, 2002 on Jay Tee's own label, 40 Ounce Records. The album was produced by Big Ice, Happy Perez, Johnny Z, Oral Bee and Philly Blunt. Latino Velvet was composed of Jay Tee & Baby Beesh. Frost and Don Cisco both make multiple guest appearances on this album, as well as several other artists.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Two Cold Cappers"
  3. "They Don't Even Know" (featuring Don Cisco)
  4. "Same Shit" (featuring Frost)
  5. "On One" (featuring Miami)
  6. "Vamanos" (featuring Merciless)
  7. "Hustler Fo' Sho'" (featuring Young Dru & Russell Lee)
  8. "What's Goin' On?" (featuring Frost)
  9. "Latin Ladies" (featuring Don Cisco)
  10. "She Was a Hustler" (featuring Mr. Kee)
  11. "What's up With You?" (featuring Don Cisco)
  12. "Side Show" (featuring Frost & Young Mugzi)
  13. "Vamanos (Remix)" (featuring Merciless)
  14. "What's Goin' On? (Remix)" (featuring Frost)
  15. "Outro"

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