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Venable LLP
Venable LLP logo.svg
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
No. of offices12
OfficesBaltimore, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Tampa, Towson, Tysons, Washington, D.C., Wilmington
No. of attorneys800+
No. of employees1,300+
Major practice areasCorporate law, complex litigation, intellectual property, entertainment law, and government affairs
Key peopleStuart Ingis, Chairman
Revenue$717,017,642 (2021)
Profit per equity partner$1,234,973 (2021)
Date founded1900
FounderRichard Venable
Company typeLimited liability partnership Edit this at Wikidata

Venable LLP is an American law firm headquartered in Washington, D.C.[1] It is the largest law firm in the state of Maryland.[2] Founded in 1900 by Richard Venable in Baltimore,[3] today Venable has 10 offices across the United States and 800 attorneys[4] who practice in areas such as corporate law, complex litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property, cybersecurity and data privacy, advertising and marketing, entertainment and media, environmental law, bankruptcy and restructuring, and various government affairs.[5] In 2021, Venable was ranked as the 78th highest grossing law firm in the world.[6] From 2020 to 2021, Venable's total revenue grew from $681.8 million to $717 million. Revenue per lawyer saw a similar increase, with each lawyer generating a revenue of $965,031 and each equity partner generating $1.23 million on average.[7]


Venable was founded in 1900 by law professor Richard Venable in Baltimore.[3] It became the second-largest law firm in the Baltimore-Washington area in 1999 when it merged with Washington-based Tucker Flyer.[8] The firm expanded cross country to Los Angeles in 2006.[9]

In 2017, Venable headquarters moved to a new building in Washington, located at 600 Massachusetts Avenue.[1]

In one of the largest law firm mergers of 2018, Venable acquired the New York intellectual property firm Fitzpatrick Cella, which had 100 attorneys at the time.[10]

Venable opened a construction law office in Chicago in January 2021, with firm chairman Stu Ingis stating that the decision to expand was founded on Venable's "history of measured, strategic growth through the addition of talented attorneys and practices in markets that support client needs".[11]

In The American Lawyer AmLaw 100 ranking for 2021, Venable was rated 59th in revenue per lawyer, 71st in profits per lawyer, 76th in profits per equity partner, and 73rd in all-partner compensation, for an overall ranking of 65th.[12]

Shortly after the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Venable terminated its lobbying deal with Sberbank, Russia's largest bank.[13] It was known that Sberbank had paid more than $800,000 to Venable for lobbying since 2017, according to Senate records.[14]

Notable alumni and current attorneys[edit]


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