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"Venceremos" is a Chilean song, which was written by Claudio Iturra (an alternative version of text was written by Víctor Jara) and composed by Sergio Ortega for the 1970 election campaign of Salvador Allende. The title translates to "We Shall Triumph".

The song quickly became so popular that it was the unofficial national anthem of Chile during the period leading up to the coup.

'Venceremos' is an example of the Nueva Cancion movement of Chilean protest music, which had been gaining momentum for much of the previous decade. This song marks a significant recognition of the political thrust of this movement in its use as a tool of propaganda for the Unidad Popular coalition. Following the success of 'Venceremos', Allende famously stated "there can be no revolution without song",[1] crystallising its significance.


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