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Vend Limited
Industry Software as a Service
Founded 2010
Founder Vaughan Rowsell
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Area served
Products Vend - Point of Sale

Point of Sale Ecommerce

Retail Training
Number of employees

Vend is cloud-based retail management platform including Point of sale and E-commerce. It can be operated from any device or platform with a web-browser or by using Vend's iOS app.


Vend was launched in August 2010 [1] by software developer Vaughan Rowsell.[2]

In the two years following its launch,[3] Vend secured funding from various investors [4][5][6][7] and announced a partnership with Paypal.[8][9] [10]


Vend uses HTML5 features in Google Chrome and Safari to implement offline processing capabilities.[2]

  • A webSQL database built into the browser provides local inventory storage so sales can be processed offline and all stock levels updated.
  • HTML5’s offline manifest tells the browser to take copies of certain files and pages for offline use.
  • WebSocket (another element of HTML5) allows Vend to talk to other devices on a local network, interfacing with hardware such as an EFTPOS unit or other payment devices.

As well as being compatible with Mobile Safari, Vend also has a native iOS app called Vend Register.[11]


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