Vendetta (1991 video game)

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Vendetta flyer.png
Arcade flyer featuring (clockwise from top left): Hawk, Sledge, Blood, Kate and Boomer.
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Konami
Composer(s) Michiru Yamane
Series Crime Fighters
Platform(s) Arcade
Release July 1991
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single player, 2-4 player Co-op
Cabinet Upright
Display Raster, 304 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 2048 colors

Vendetta, known in Japan as Crime Fighters 2 (クライムファイターズ2), is a 1991 side-scrolling beat-'em-up arcade game developed and published by Konami. It is the sequel to the 1989 Konami game Crime Fighters.


A screenshot of Vendetta's first stage

The four men of the game's hero gang, The Cobras, fight through waves of enemies to rescue Kate, The Cobras' fifth member, who was kidnapped by the Dead End Gang. As with most beat-em-ups, the game features primarily side-scrolling action. Player score is based on number of opponents eliminated. The option of attacking an enemy while they are knocked down was new to the genre. The game uses 'punch' and 'kick' buttons rather than 'jump' and 'attack'. The special punch-plus-kick attack is the only aerial attack. Players can also double-team enemies and vice versa.[citation needed]


The hero gang, called The Cobras, numbers five members: Blood (former prizefighter, with a passing resemblance to Mike Tyson), Hawk (former professional wrestler, with passing resemblance to Hulk Hogan), Boomer (a martial artist, possibly based on Jean-Claude Van Damme), Sledge (a military ex-convict with passing resemblance to Mr. T), and Kate, the damsel in distress, described as Hawk's protegee and wearing a blue shirt similar to his. One day, Kate is kidnapped by the Dead End Gang under the leadership of Faust. The four men go save her, fighting through the waves of enemies that are sent against them.


Vendetta was censored in some countries when released outside of the Asian market (specially in the United States, while the uncensored version was released in some countries, like Argentina), as to remove an enemy character who dresses in leather (in a S & M style) and fights by grabbing hold of the playable character and then proceeding to dry hump and lick him.[1] This character also continues to do the same if the protagonist is down.[2]


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