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Vendor neutrality in the data centre market refers to a specialised and focused business model, in which a data centre provider limits its activities to a fixed set of value layers in order to avoid conflicts of interest. The provider creates an open market and a platform for others to add value. The provider remains neutral and independent and offers standard open interconnect policies.

Similar concepts[edit]

Similar-sounding terms such as telco agnostic and network independent refer mainly to network infrastructure and IP transit services. Vendor neutral goes further, referring to a business model that is independent of all parties who add value further up the chain (e.g., service providers, consultants, disaster recovery solution providers, storage providers).

Value layer abstraction[edit]

Vendor neutral data centres focus on the "bottom" layers in the stack of services provided to data centre customers: space, security, power, environment, and cabling. In terms of the OSI model, they provide Layer 1 services.

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