Veneno para las hadas

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Veneno para las hadas
Veneno Para Las Hadas.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada
Written by Carlos Enrique Taboada
Starring Ana Patricia Rojo
Elsa María Gutiérrez
Leonor Llausás
Carmen Stein
Anna Silvetti
Release date
  • 1984 (1984)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Veneno para las hadas (Poison for the Fairies) is a 1984 Mexican horror film, written and directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada. Two little girls dabble in witchcraft, resulting in steadily increasing mayhem.


Veronica is a young orphan living alone in a dilapidated villa with her invalid grandmother and her superstitious nanny. The nanny fills Veronica's mind with sinister tales of witches, which she insists are real. Rather than being frightened, Veronica often comforts herself with these stories to feel more powerful than the girls at her parochial school, who mock and ostracize her for her strangeness.

Shy, lonely Flavia, who comes from a very wealthy family, arrives as a new student. Veronica envies Flavia's material wealth, as well as her doting parents. Hoping to impress Flavia, Veronica boasts she is a real witch who can make anything she wants happen. Flavia, who was raised an atheist, is skeptical of Veronica's claims, but also fearful. To convince her, Veronica takes credit for a series of strange coincidences by telling Flavia that she caused them with black magic. Flavia finds herself more and more terrified of Veronica, to the point of giving Veronica her most cherished possessions and obeying her whenever she asks. Delighting in her new power, Veronica continues to arrange frightening events in order to keep her new friend in her thrall.

Veronica's demands culminate in a request to be taken along on Flavia's family vacation to a remote ranch in the country. There Veronica announces her plan to make a poison for the fairies, which are said to be the natural enemies of witches. Flavia becomes even more terrified at the thought of Veronica's power once the fairies are destroyed and she is finally compelled to stop Veronica by locking her into a barn and setting it on fire, where Veronica dies in the blaze.

Cultural references[edit]

"Veneno para las hadas" is the name of a song on Steven Wilson's first solo album, Insurgentes.

Veneno para las Hadas is also the name of a Mexican darkwave/ambient band.

The Mexican post-rock band Austin TV includes samples of dialogue from this film in his song "Rucci."

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