Venetian regional election, 1985

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The Venetian regional election of 1985 took place on 12 May 1985.

Christian Democracy was by far the largest party, but for the first time since 1970 it was not able to secure an outright majority. Liga Veneta, which would have become a stable political force in the Region, entered for the first time the Regional Council with two regional deputies.

After the election Christian Democrat Carlo Bernini, the incumbent President of the Region, formed a government comprising also the Italian Socialist Party, the Italian Democratic Socialist Party and the Italian Liberal Party. In 1989 Bernini, appointed minister in Andreotti VI Cabinet, was replaced by Franco Cremonese, another Christian Democrat.[1]


Party votes votes (%) seats
Christian Democracy 1,383,406 45.9 30
Italian Communist Party 615,002 20.4 12
Italian Socialist Party 372,096 12.4 8
Italian Social Movement 135,417 4.5 2
Liga Veneta 112,275 3.7 2
Italian Republican Party 98,306 3.3 2
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 96,571 3.2 1
Green List 77,967 2.6 1
Italian Liberal Party 57,648 1.9 1
Proletarian Democracy 51,254 1.7 1
Others 13,569 0.4 -
Total 3,013,511 100.0 60

Source: Regional Council of Veneto