2015 Venetian regional election

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2015 Venetian regional election

← 2010 31 May 2015

All 51 seats to the Regional Council
  Majority party Minority party
  Luca Zaia 2011.jpg Alessandra Moretti daticamera.jpg
Leader Luca Zaia Alessandra Moretti
Party Northern League Democratic Party
Alliance Centre-right coalition Centre-left coalition
Seats won 29 12
Seat change Decrease 8 Increase 7
Popular vote 1,108,065 503,147
Percentage 50.10% 22.70%
Swing Decrease 10.06% Decrease 6.38%

Veneto 2015 Candidati.png
Electoral results for area: blue for Zaia, orange for Moretti, light blue for Tosi

President before election

Luca Zaia
Lega Nord

Subsequent President

Luca Zaia
Lega Nord

The Venetian regional election of 2015 took place in Veneto on 31 May 2015,[1] as part of a big round of regional elections in Italy. Venetian voters elected their President and their Regional Council, whose members had been reduced to 51, including the President.

Luca Zaia, incumbent President (elected in 2010 with 60.2% of the vote) and leading member of Liga VenetaLega Nord (LV–LN), was re-elected by a reduced majority, due to a split occurred within his party in the run-up of the election, but, despite this, his victory over Alessandra Moretti of the Democratic Party (PD), who fared quite badly, was still a landslide: 50.1% to 22.7%. The election was a personal triumph for Zaia, who was the most voted President among the seven elected on 31 May. Other two candidates, Jacopo Berti of the Five Star Movement (M5S) and Flavio Tosi of the Tosi List for Veneto (LTV), the splinter group from the LV, got more than 10% of the vote and finished both at 11.9%. A fifth, Alessio Morosin of Venetian Independence (IV), and a sixth, Laura Coletti of the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC), won 2.5% and 0.9% of the vote, respectively.

Among the parties, the LV, which presented an official list and a list named after Zaia (however composed mainly of party members), improved its 2010's performance, by gaining 40.9% of the vote (combined result of the two lists, which obtained 17.8% and 23.1%, respectively). If the two LV-related lists are counted together, the PD came second with 16.7% of the vote (20.5% if Moretti's personal list is counted) and the M5S third with 10.4%. The combined score of the two lists connected to the LTV was 7.1%, while the once-mighty Forza Italia (heir of The People of Freedom and, before that, the original Forza Italia) stopped at 6.0%.

The total score of Venetist and regional parties, a diverse field including the Liga Veneta, the LTV, Venetian Independence, Independence We Veneto, the North-East Union, Autonomous Veneto Project and Veneto Confederal State, was 54.3%, the highest ever.



31 May 2015 Venetian regional election results
Veneto Regional Council 2015.svg
Candidates Votes % Seats Parties Votes % Seat
Luca Zaia 1,108,065 50.09 1
Zaia for President 427,363 23.09 13
Liga VenetaLega Nord 329,966 17.83 10
Forza Italia 110,573 5.97 3
Independence We Veneto 49,929 2.70 1
Brothers of Italy 48,163 2.60 1
Total 965,994 52.19 28
Alessandra Moretti 503,147 22.74 1
Democratic Party 308,438 16.66 8
Moretti for President 70,764 3.82 2
Civic Veneto (incl. PSI, SC and IdV) 26,903 1.45 1
New Veneto (incl. SEL, FdV and SV) 20,282 1.10
Autonomous Veneto Project 6,242 0.34
Total 432,629 23.37 11
Jacopo Berti 262,749 11.88 Five Star Movement 192,630 10.41 5
Flavio Tosi 262,569 11.87
Tosi List for Veneto 105,836 5.72 3
Popular Area (incl. NCD and UdC) 37,937 2.05 1
Veneto of Acting 26,119 1.41 1
Pensioners' Party 14,625 0.79
North-East Union 11,173 0.60
Veneto Confederal State 3,487 0.19
Total 199,177 10.76 5
Alessio Morosin 55,760 2.52 Venetian Independence 46,578 2.52
Laura Coletti 19,914 0.90 The Other Veneto (incl. PRC and PCd'I) 13,997 0.76
Total candidates 2,212,204 100.00 2 Total parties 1,851,005 100.00 49
Source: Ministry of the Interior

Council composition[edit]

Distribution of Seats in the Regional Council
Political Group Leader 2015 Now
Liga VenetaLega Nord Nicola Finco 11 12
Zaia for President[a][b] Silvia Rizzotto 13 10
Democratic Party Alessandra Moretti / Stefano Fracasso 9 8
Five Star Movement Jacopo Berti / Manuel Brusco 5 4
Venetian Centre-Right Stefano Casali / Andrea Bassi 0 3
Forza Italia / More Italy!–I Love Veneto[c] Massimiliano Barison / Massimo Giorgetti 3 2
Moretti President Franco Ferrari 2 2
Brothers of Italy Sergio Berlato 1 2
Tosi List for Veneto / Veneto for AutonomyForza Italia Stefano Casali / Maurizio Conte[d] 3 1
NCDUdCPopular Area / Popular AreaForza Italia Marino Zorzato[e] 1 1
Independence We Veneto / We Are Veneto Antonio Guadagnini 1 1
Civic Veneto / United Venetians Pietro Dalla Libera 1 1
Veneto of Acting / Veneto Autonomous Heart Giovanna Negro 1 1
Mixed Group[f] Piero Ruzzante 0 3

Sources: Regional Council of Veneto – Groups and Regional Council of Veneto – Members


  1. ^ All the members of the group are members of Liga VenetaLega Nord. See http://www.larena.it/territori/citt%C3%A0/valdegamberipassa-nel-gruppo-misto-1.5531130.
  2. ^ Three members left the group for technical reasons: Nicola Finco in order to lead the group of Liga VenetaLega Nord, Stefano Valdegamberi to balance the composition of the Mixed Group, and Fabiano Barbisan to help the formation of the Venetian Centre-Right group.
  3. ^ The remaining two members of the group, Massimo Giorgetti and Elena Donazzan, were no longer affiliated to Forza Italia by mid 2018, both citing disagreements with the party's regional leadership. In December 2018 Donazzan launched I Love Veneto. In February 2019 Giorgetti joined Brothers of Italy, but chose not to join that party's group and to mainatin his affiliation with Donazzan. In March 2019 the name of the group was finally changed.
  4. ^ Maurizio Conte joined Forza Italia in August 2017, but was not able to add the party's name to that of the group until March 2019.
  5. ^ Marino Zorzato joined Forza Italia in November 2018, but was not able to add the party's name to that of the group until March 2019.
  6. ^ Members: Piero Ruzzante, splinter of the Democratic Party and member of Article 1 – Democratic and Progressive Movement; Stefano Valdegamberi, a former member of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats and elect of the Zaia President list in 2015; and Patrizia Bartelle, splinter of the Five Star Movement and member of Italy in Common.


Following the election, Luca Zaia formed his second government, composed of ten ministers, nine of Liga Veneta and one of Forza Italia.

Zaia II Government
Office Name Party
President Luca Zaia Liga Veneta
Vice President Gianluca Forcolin Liga Veneta
Minister of Budget and Local Government Gianluca Forcolin Liga Veneta
Minister of Health and Social Programs Luca Coletto (until December 2018) Liga Veneta
Manuela Lanzarin (since January 2019) Liga Veneta
Minister of Economic Development and Energy Roberto Marcato Liga Veneta
Minister of Public Works, Infrastructures and Transports Elisa De Berti Liga Veneta
Minister of Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Giuseppe Pan Liga Veneta
Minister of Education and Labour Elena Donazzan Forza Italia
Minister of Social Affairs Manuela Lanzarin Liga Veneta
Minister of EU Programs, Tourism and International Trade Federico Caner Liga Veneta
Minister of Environment and Civil Protection Gianpaolo Bottacin Liga Veneta
Minister of Culture, City Planning and Security Cristiano Corazzari Liga Veneta

Source: Veneto Region – Regional Government


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