Veneto Padanian Federal Republic

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Veneto Padanian Federal Republic (Veneto Repubblica Federale Padana, VRFP) was a short-lived Venetist political party active in Veneto.

In 1998, when Liga Veneta split between Venetists and Padanists, Renato Martin, Mayor of Jesolo and friend of Jörg Haider, was one of the leaders of the second group. After he had lost the leadership race to Gian Paolo Gobbo, he too chose to leave the party. In 1999 Martin launched VRFP, a Venetist-Padanist party that had some success only in Jesolo.[1] In 2002 Martin's list won the municipal elections there[2] and Martin, who was not allowed to serve a third thirm as Mayor, was appointed Deputy-Mayor by his protégé Francesco Calzavara, who had been elected with his instrumental support.

After the experience of VRFP, Martin joined Forza Italia as an independent and briefly served as regional councillor in Veneto.[3] He had however a troubled relationship with Forza Italia: for instance, in 2007 he tried to unseat Calzavara, who had become a full member of Forza Italia, but he lost.[4] Those who disagreed with Martin's decision to join Forza Italia formed the Party for Independent Veneto under Fabrizio Dal Col.[5][6][7]