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Veneza water park is a giant aquatic park [1] located in the beach of Maria farinha in Paulista, Pernambuco, north-eastern Brazil. It contains the largest artificially slow river of Brazil, called "Amazon river". It is one of the largest water parks in South America providing a superstructure of entertainment and cuisine. Is named Veneza as reference to Recife capital of the state, which has the nickname of "Brazilian Venice". The water park is located 10 km south of Olinda and 20 km south of Recife.

Main attractions[edit]

  • Anaconda - Water slide in a form of a snake that falls from a tree 15 meters tall.The user fall into the pool and continues to travel slowly navigating the "Amazon river".
  • Toboaguas. It consists of 7 tracks of water that starts with sinuous channels providing after a drop of 25 meters tall with the 80 km/h speedy, almost in free fall.
  • Amazon river - It is the longest artificially slow river of the country with 6 meters wide, 1.10 m deep and 350 m in length; through caves, waterfalls and bridges.
  • Oahu wave pool - Large pool of waves in one of the most beautiful areas of the park.
  • Kids land - Open space with water toys.
  • Bumba - Radical decline in water ramp.
  • Rapids - Track of water with 25 m tall and 230 meters of road.
  • Square Mermaid - Provides a shower of rain.
  • Pools - Recreational swimming pools with small toboaguas (water slides).


Coordinates: 7°52′13″S 34°50′11″W / 7.870247°S 34.836284°W / -7.870247; -34.836284