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Veneziano, meaning "of Venice", "from Venice", or "the Venetian", may refer to:

  • Veneziano (surname), a surname, often derived as a nickname for persons from Venice.
  • Anonimo veneziano (the Anonymous Venetian), a 1970 film.
  • Il veneziano (The Venetian), the Italian distribution title of the 1987 TV movie, Casanova.
  • Gabriele Veneziano, an Italian theoretical physicist, a founder of string theory.
  • Rondò Veneziano, an Italian chamber orchestra incorporating a rock-style rhythm section.
    • Rondò Veneziano, the eponymous first album produced by Rondò Veneziano.
  • Stucco Veneziano, a decorative plaster sometimes known simply as "Veneziano".
  • Veneziano (Feliciano) Vargas, the younger brother of Italy Romano and the national personification of North Italy from the webmanga series Hetalia: Axis Powers