Venezuela at the Paralympics

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Venezuela at the Paralympic Games

Flag of Venezuela
IPC code  VEN
NPC Comité Paralimpico Venezolano
Paralympic history
Summer Games

Venezuela made its Paralympic Games début at the 1984 Summer Paralympics in Stoke Mandeville and New York, sending five competitors in athletics and one in swimming. Absent from the Games in 1988, it returned in 1992, and has participated in every edition of the Summer Paralympics since then. Venezuela has never taken part in the Winter Paralympics.

Although never a major medal contender, Venezuela has improved its medal intake over time. Having won no medals in 1984 or 1996, a single bronze in 1992 (Yolmer Urdaneta's in the men's discus) and a single bronze also in 2000 (Ricardo Santana's in the men's 200m T13 in athletics), it achieved its first silver (Santana in the 100m) and two bronze in 2004. The country's first -and so far only- Paralympic gold medal was won in 2008 by Naomi Soazo in the women's up to 63kg in judo. 2008 marked Venezuela's highest achievement to date, with one gold, four silver, and two bronze.[1]

The country's medal tally following the 2008 Games places it 92nd on the all-time Paralympic Games medal table.


Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Bronze Urdaneta, YolmerYolmer Urdaneta Spain 1992 Barcelona Athletics Men's Discus throw B2
 Bronze Santana, RicardoRicardo Santana Australia 2000 Sydney Athletics Men's 200 m T13
 Silver Santana, RicardoRicardo Santana Greece 2004 Athens Athletics Men's 100 m T12
 Bronze Santana, RicardoRicardo Santana Greece 2004 Athens Athletics Men's 200 m T12
 Bronze Bello, AníbalAníbal Bello
Daza, OduverOduver Daza
Ricardo Santana
José Villarreal
Greece 2004 Athens Athletics Men's 4x100m Relay - T11-T13
 Gold Soazo, NaomiNaomi Soazo China 2008 Beijing Judo Women's -63 kg
 Silver Daza, OduverOduver Daza
Fernando Ferrer
Ricardo Santana
Yoldani Silva
China 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's 4x100m Relay - T11-T13
 Bronze Caravallo, ReinaldoReinaldo Caravallo China 2008 Beijing Judo Men's -81 kg
 Bronze Colmenares, SamuelSamuel Colmenares China 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's 400m - T46
 Bronze Falcón, MarcosMarcos Falcón United Kingdom 2012 London Judo Men's 66 kg
 Bronze Monterola, OscarOscar Monterola United Kingdom 2012 London Athletics Men's 200 m T37

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