2000 Venezuelan trade union leadership referendum

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A referendum on trade union leadership was held in Venezuela on 3 December 2000.[1] Voters were asked:

Do you agree that the trade union leadership must be renewed in the next 180 days, following an Electoral Statute to be approved by the Electoral Power, and according to the principles of alternation and universal, direct and secret elections as ordained in the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela, and that the directive boards of those unions, federations and confederations are suspended from their functions until those elections take place?[2]

It was approved by 69.4% of voters, with a turnout of just 23.5%.[2]


Choice Votes %
For 1,632,750 69.4
Against 719,771 30.6
Invalid/blank votes 280,002
Total 2,632,523 100
Source: Nohlen


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