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Directed by Marc Furmie
Produced by Matt Inglis
Simon Ritch
Hadi Tieu-Vinh
Written by Marc Furmie
Shiyan Zheng
Vincent Andriano
Starring Christian Clark
Henry Nixon
Dan Mor
Bren Foster
Jai Koutrae
Amanda McConnell
James Caitlin
Music by Samantha Fonti
Cinematography Marc Windon
Edited by Gabriel Dowrick
Distributed by The Filmmakers Factory
Release date
  • February 17, 2011 (2011-02-17)
Running time
15 minutes
Language English

Venger is a branded film series directed by Marc Furmie. It is seen as a possible re-invention of the BMW film series The Hire. Production on the 15-minute movie began in July 2010 when executive producer Jesse Press arranged a commercial deal with Sydney based Mercedes-Benz dealership G Brothers. Additional finance came from Petronas Lubricants International, the sponsor of the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team. Filming took 7 days at iconic locations across Sydney, majority of which were on the Northern Beaches peninsular. A 4-minute teaser was presented to a crowd of 500 people on the final day of shooting at a celebration for the Australian Film Industry.


Following the murder of his fiancé, racecar driver Anthony McCullough becomes hellbent on revenge. Set loose by a ruthless detective, McCullough begins to follow a trail of clues. As he gets closer to finding the men responsible, he is drawn into a web of secrecy and betrayal that threatens to destroy his entire family.


The movie was created as a branded content film for the G Brothers Mercedes-Benz dealership and Petronas Lubricants International by executive producers Jesse Press & Marc Windon of The Filmmakers Factory and writer/director Marc Furmie of FG Entertainment. The project was designed to merge strong storytelling and brand awareness with a concept that resonates with online audiences – eventually becoming the first episode in a web series. The screenplay was written by Marc Furmie, Shiyan Zheng and Vincent Andriano. Influenced by the classic action-revenge thrillers of the 70's such as Bullitt, Death Wish and Dirty Harry, Venger showcases several current model Mercedes-Benz in an edgy and stylish framework.

The 2 planned sequels will feature the AMG SLS Class, SL class, GLK class and many more of the best Mercedes-Benz cars in the world.

Venger is one of the first productions to use the Arriflex Alexa digital cinema camera.


The film is due for release on February 17, 2011.


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