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This list explores the instances of which the city of Venice, Italy, has been mentioned or alluded to in various media.

Audio dramas referencing Venice[edit]

Films referencing Venice[edit]


Games referencing Venice[edit]

Board games[edit]

  • Inkognito (1988) is a board game set in Venice.

Video games[edit]

(Alphabetical by series or game title)

  • Assassin's Creed II features the city during the Renaissance Era.
  • In the online game City of Heroes, the zone named "Founder's Falls" has an architectural resemblance to Venice.
  • In the SNK game Fatal Fury 2, Andy Bogard's stage features Venice (with some inaccuracies, such as having the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background) as you fight in a gondola down a canal. This is revisited in King of Fighters '96, where the Boss Team's Stage is set in Venice.
  • Gears of War features a map that resembles Venice's canals
  • You are able to take photographs of your tuned-up car in Gran Turismo 4 released on the PlayStation 2, in two locations in Venice, St. Marks Square, and also on a barge going under the Rialto Bridge.
  • The canals of Venice are featured in the arcade racing game Hydro Thunder, in the hard-level track modeled after the city.
  • The catacombs and the church of San Barnaba are visited in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure.
  • The Republic Of Venice is available as an initial playable faction in the game Medieval 2: Total War
  • The Merchant Prince series is based on the trading and politics of Venice during the Renaissance era. The player plays one of the competing Venetian merchants trying to gain wealth and power through trades, power plays, and Machiavellian skullduggery.
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 feature a city canals in chapter 6
  • The first-person shooter Painkiller features a level inspired by Venice.
  • Papa's Pastaria, a flash game from Flipline Studios, takes place in Portallini, a fictional town inspired by Venice.
  • Venice is the second playable level in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.
  • The 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog features a city based on Venice, Italy.
  • A fighting arena based around Venice can be found in Soulcalibur. The fight takes place upon a stone platform isolated in Venice's water-filled streets. Typical residential Venice buildings are portrayed in the background of the level, although the fight does not take place in any of them.
  • Super Mario Sunshine features a city called "Delfino Plaza" which has venice elements, after that game the "Delfino" concept has reappeared on some spin-off like "Mario Kart" series and sports series.
  • The city of Venezia in Tales of Phantasia is modeled after Venice.
  • Venice appears as a fighting arena in the first Tekken game released on the PlayStation.
  • Venice is a multiplayer level in Free Radical Design's TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.
  • Venice appears in Core Design's Tomb Raider 2.
  • Venice by Cryo Networks is a strategy game set in 16th century Venice
  • Venice is a casual game for the Windows platform, developed by Retro 64 and distributed by Reflexive Arcade.
  • Venetica features the city during the Renaissance Era. It is the main setting for the game.
  • Voyage Century Online is a free nautical MMORPG developed by Snail Games and published by IGG, that features Venice as one of the Port Cites that can be used for commerce and exploration.
  • The La Razza Canal course from the Nintendo GameCube game, Wave Race: Blue Storm was likely modeled after Venice.
  • Venice appears as a map in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, in which the Allied agents need to steal an artifact and escape the city on a boat through its canals.
  • House of the dead 2 takes place in Venice

Music referencing Venice[edit]

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Television shows and episodes referencing Venice[edit]

(Alphabetical by series)

  • The manga and anime series ARIA take place in the town of Neo-Venezia, based on Venice.
  • The fifth series Doctor Who episode, "The Vampires of Venice", takes place in the city in 1580.
  • Several episodes of manga and anime series Gunslinger Girl take place in Venice.
  • The Jem episode "In Stitches" takes place in this city.
  • In the manga and anime One Piece, the island of Water 7 is based on Venice.
  • An episode[which?] of The Scooby-Doo Show was set in Venice.
  • The Thief Lord (2006)
  • In the 38th episode of the new Tatsunoko anime Yatterman, made in 2008, the Yatterman and the Doronbo Team battle in Venice. The ring that was found on the Campanile de San Marco was taken by the Doronbo Team and it was a fake ring.

Written works referencing Venice[edit]

Fiction (drama and literature)[edit]

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(Alphabetical by author's surname)

  • T. S. Eliot - "Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Cigar" (1920)

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