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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Jungle Action #6 (Sep 1973)
Created by Don McGregor (writer)
Rich Buckler (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Horatio Walters
Species Human
Partnerships Killmonger

Venomm is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. This character is distinct from the half-alien fictional character known as Venom.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Venomm was once an ally of Erik Killmonger, who sent Venomm to the Wakandan Vibranium mines to attack the Black Panther. However, the Black Panther beat Venomm into submission.[1] Within the Wakandan prison, a man named Taku tried to establish a friendship with Venomm, but Venomm just distracted Taku so that Malice could free him. The Black Panther returned and drove off Malice, while W'Kabi choked Venomm into submission and was then reimprisoned.[2] Taku continued to try to reach Venomm,[3] but when W'Kabi attempted to interrogate Venomm, Venomm took attacked both of them and escaped. Venomm returned to his snakepit, and the Black Panther followed him there. Venomm sent a small army of constrictors and poisonous snakes against him, but Taku had followed the Black Panther, and when Venomm was unable to allow Taku to be harmed he surrendered to the Black Panther.[4] When Killmonger assaulted Central Wakanda, Venomm was able to escape the prison again. Having grown disenchanted with the insurrection, he stopped King Kadaver's physic assault on Taku, and got Kadaver killed by one of his own dinosaurs.[5] In the aftermath of the battle, based on the recommendation of Taku, Venomm was pardoned of his crimes and released.[6]

Venomm later lived in the Wakandan Palace alongside Taku. A CIA agent had secretly embedded a transmitter under the skin of Venomm's giant pet python Matilda, causing the Black Panther to initially think that Venomm was a spy in their midst, but when he learned the truth the Black Panther remived the transmitter from her head.[7] Venomm maintained a position of trust within the Wakandan Palace, where be befriended Nick Collins, the son of Michael Collins.[8] Under the command of their king, the Black Panther, all of Wakanda marched onto the land of the Jabari to punish the Man-Ape for murdering a doppleganger version of the Black Panther. Venomm was at the front lines in the midst of the army and tribal warriors, and battled Jabari tribesmen during the conflict.[9]

He briefly reappered as one of the villains summoned by Sin to battle Earth's heroes.[10] He joined the DOA's battle against the Avengers and other heroes at the DOA's HQ in South Carolina, but was knocked unconscious by Iron Fist.[11]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Venomm can control the behavior of snakes through training, chemicals, and apparently some form of psionic influence. Venomm has built up within himself an immunity to all but the most poisonous snake venoms. Venomm's face was scarred by acid so that it looks corpse-like.


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