Ventė Cape

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The lighthouse at Ventė Cape.
Nets in the bird ringing station.

Ventė Cape (Lithuanian: Ventės ragas; sometimes referred to as Ventė Horn or Ventė Peninsula, German: Windenburger Eck) is a headland in Nemunas Delta, located in Šilutė district, Lithuania. It is known as a rest place for many birds during their migrations, particularly the autumn migration. Ventes Ragas Ornithological Station - one of the first bird ringing stations in Europe, still in operation, was opened here by Tadas Ivanauskas in 1929.

The Cape, being in the former Memel Territory, was part of Germany until 1919. The Teutonic Knights erected a castle here, called Windenburg, but it no longer exists. There is an 11-metre-high lighthouse, built in 1863 during the Prussian period, though currently it is not in use.

Ventė Cape in autumn morning, Heligoland traps visible

Coordinates: 55°21′N 21°12′E / 55.350°N 21.200°E / 55.350; 21.200