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Giovanni Ventimiglia is Professor ("ordentlicher Professor") for Philosophy at the Theological Faculty of the University of Lucerne (Switzerland). He is part time Professor for Theoretical Philosophy at the Faculty of Theology Lugano (Switzerland), where he is founder and director of the Institute for Philosophical Studies (ISFI). He is the main editor of the book series “Thomistic Metaphysics and Analytical Metaphysics”, published by Carocci, Rome. He is founder and director of the Aristotle College in Lugano (Switzerland) and a regular contributor to the newspaper Corriere della Sera (Italy).

He works primarily on Thomas Aquinas, Thomism, often at the intersections of the continental and analytical traditions of philosophy (Analytical Thomism). His main interests lie within classical ontology (analogy and senses of being, reception of Plato’s “non-written” doctrines in the thought of Thomas Aquinas and in some medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Metaphysics, transcendentals, transcendental multiplicity), also with regard to their relevance in contemporary debates related to analytic ontology. He has also worked on the ontology of material digital objects and of the so-called cyberspace. He has also put some work into the analysis of 'borderline topics such as the relation between philosophy and psychoanalysis, and philosophy and cinema. He has been involved in the project "Ethicbots" in the field of roboethics and is Director of the Research Project Metaphysik und Ontologie in der Schweiz im Zeitalter der Reformation (1519-1648) funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. In 2015 he was Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Kings’s College London, Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford.

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