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Ventura (Italian, Portuguese and Spanish for "fortune") may refer to:



  • Cassie Ventura, American recording artist, dancer, actress and model, known mononymously as Cassie
  • Charlie Ventura (1916–1992), tenor saxophonist and bandleader from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Felipe Ventura dos Santos (born 1984), Brazilian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Uberlândia Esporte Clube, known as Felipe
  • František Ventura, Czech equestrian
  • Gian Piero Ventura (born 1948), Italian football manager and former player
  • Jean-Baptiste Ventura (1794–1858), Italian soldier, mercenary in India and early archaeologist of the Punjab region of the Sikh Empire
  • Jesse Ventura (born 1951), American media personality, former politician and retired professional wrestler
  • Johnny Ventura (born 1940), Dominican singer and band leader
  • Lino Ventura (1919–1987), Italian actor who starred mainly in French films
  • Ray Ventura (1908-1979), French jazz bandleader
  • Robin Ventura (born 1967), American former professional baseball third baseman and manager
  • Ventura Rodríguez (1717–1785), Spanish architect and artist
  • Sheherazade Ventura (born 1974), British environmentalist, jeweller and columnist
  • Simona Ventura (born 1965), Italian television presenter, actress and singer
  • Viviane Ventura (born 1947), Colombian-British actress and socialite
  • Yolanda Ventura (born 1968), Spanish actress and singer
  • Yordano Ventura (1991–2017), Dominican professional baseball pitcher
  • Zuenir Ventura (born 1931), Brazilian journalist and writer


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  • La-Ventura, Netherlands-based Gothic/melodic metal band



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