Ventura County Air Pollution Control District

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Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
Agency overview
Headquarters669 County Square Drive, Second Floor Ventura, CA, California
Annual budget$8,983,763:[1]
Agency executives
  • Brian Brennan, Chair
  • Kathy I. Long, Vice Chair
  • Michael Villegas[2], Air Pollution Control Officer
Parent agencyCalifornia Air Resources Board

The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD), formed in 1968, is the air pollution agency responsible mainly for regulating stationary sources of air pollution for Ventura County. The District was formed by the Board of Supervisors in response to the county's first air pollution study which identified Ventura County as having a severe air quality problem.

Currently, Ventura County does not meet the federal air quality standard for ozone and exceeds the state standard for ozone and particulate matter.[3]

VCAPCD organizational structure[edit]

The VCAPCD is governed by the Air Pollution Control Board. This 10-member board consists of the County Board of Supervisors and five elected officials representing Ventura County cities. The APC Board establishes policy and approves new rules. They also appoint the Air Pollution Control Officer, the District Hearing Board, Advisory Committee, and Clean Air Fund Advisory Committee. The Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) of the VCAPCD reports to the APC Board and the following divisions report to the APCO:

VCAPCD Divisions[edit]

The VCAPCD has a staff of about fifty employees including inspectors, engineers, planners, technicians, and support staff. The District is divided into the following divisions:[4]

  • Administrative Services
  • Information Systems
  • Public Information
  • Planning and Evaluation
  • Rules and Incentives
  • Pass-Through Grants
  • Compliance
  • Engineering
  • Monitoring

Hearing Board[edit]

The APCD Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body established by state law to grant variances and uphold or overturn APCD decisions regarding permit denials and operating conditions on permits. The Hearing Board may also revoke permits to operate, issue orders of abatement, allow citizen appeals, and settle disputes between the District and permittees.

The Hearing Board consists of five members appointed by the Air Pollution Control Board for three-year terms.

Current members are:[5]

  • Gary Gasperino - Engineering (Chair)
  • Stephen C. Hurlock, Ph.D - Public (Vice Chair)
  • Daniel J. Murphy - Law
  • Mike Stubblefield - Public

Advisory Committee[edit]

The VCAPCD Advisory Committee is a twenty-member citizens advisory body appointed by the Air Pollution Control Board. The Committee reviews staff proposed new and revised rules, and makes recommendations to the Air Pollution Control Board on those rules.

Current Committee members are:[6]

  • Duane Vander Pluym, Ventura (Chair)
  • Sara Head, District 1 (Vice Chair)
  • Scott Blough, Simi Valley
  • Raymond Garcia, District 2
  • Robert Cole, Camarillo
  • Richard Cook, Santa Paula
  • Todd Gernheuser, Fillmore
  • Aaron Hanson, District 4
  • Michael Kuhn, District 4
  • Kim Lim, District 5
  • Marleen Luckman, Ojai
  • Hugh McTernan, District 1
  • Brandon Millan, Thousand Oaks
  • Keith Moore, District 5
  • David S. Morse, District 3
  • Richard S. Nick, District 3
  • Ronald Peterson, District 2
  • Steven Wolfson, Moorpark
  • Vacancy, Oxnard
  • Vacancy, Port Hueneme

Main District Goals[edit]

The VCAPCD works with business and industry to reduce emissions from new and existing sources to protect public health and agriculture from the adverse effects of air pollution for over 800,000 county residents.

The District has stated the following goals for 2010-2011:

  • Attainment of federal and state ambient air quality standards.
  • Implement the requirements of the California Clean Air Act and 1990 Amendments to the federal Clean Air Act.
  • Continue public awareness program and education program.
  • Develop attainment plans for a new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ambient air quality standards.

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