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VentureLab is a technology commercialization project launched at Georgia Tech in 2001. It has since been adopted by the Georgia Research Alliance for other research universities in the U.S. state of Georgia. VentureLab provides comprehensive assistance to Georgia Tech faculty members, research staff and students who want to form startup companies to commercialize the technology innovations they have developed.

VentureLab transforms innovations into early-stage companies by assisting in business model development, connecting the innovators with experienced entrepreneurs, locating sources of early-stage financing, and preparing the new companies for the business world. Graduates of the VentureLab program may apply for admission to the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), also a unit of the Enterprise Innovation Institute, an incubator operated by Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech’s VentureLab program ranks second in the world in a new benchmarking study of 150 university-based business incubators in 22 different countries. The study was conducted by UBI Index, a Stockholm-based company that provides assistance to incubators.[1]

Since its formation in 2001, VentureLab has launched more than 150 technology companies that have attracted more than $700 million in outside funding.

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