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Venture Technologies Group, LLC is a television broadcasting company based in Los Angeles, California.

Stations Owned[edit]

Station Affiliation RF Channel PSIP City/Region Notes
KBCB SonLife Broadcasting Network 19 24 Bellingham, Washington
KBKF-LP K-LOVE 6 (analog) None San Jose, California
KDBK-LD Corner Store TV, AMG on 41-2 41 (digital) Bakersfield, California
KEBK-LD Corner Store TV, AMG on 27-2 27 Bakersfield, California
KEDD-LD HSN 45 45 Los Angeles, California
KEFM-LP Radio Vida Abundante 6 (analog) 6 (Digital CP) Chico, California
KFIQ-LP unknown 4 (analog) Lubbock, Texas
KFMP-LP Rock and roll 6 (analog) None Lubbock, Texas
KHTV-CD Galavision, KVME-TV/Me-TV on DT2, Next TV on DT3, KSFV-CA on 27.4 27 27 Los Angeles, California
KILA-LP unknown 8 (analog) Cherry Valley, California
KNNN-LD Radio Vida Abundante 6 (analog) 6 (digital CP) Redding, California
KRVD-LP unknown 5 (analog) Banning, California
KSCZ-LP Currently Silent 42 (analog) 20 (digital CP) Greenfield, California
KSFV-CA Independent station 6 (Analog) 22 (Digital) San Fernando Valley, California
KSXC-LP Daystar Television Network 5 (analog) None South Sioux City, Nebraska
KVME-TV Me-TV 20 20 Anaheim, California
KMRZ-LP Me-TV 25 (analog) None Banning, California Repeater of KVME-TV
WBPA-LP The CW 30 (Analog) 6 (digital CP) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Repeats WPCW, a CW O&O
WCHU-LD Azteca America, CCTV News on DT2 33 61 Rochelle, Illinois
WEPT-CD AMGTV 22 15 Newburgh, New York
WHCT-LD Azteca America 38 (analog) 38 (digital) Hartford, Connecticut
WHTV My Network Television 18 34 Lansing, Michigan Operated by E. W. Scripps Company via JSA.
WRME-LP Oldies 6 None Chicago, Illinois Operated under an LMA by Weigel Broadcasting.

Stations owned through Four Seasons Broadcasting[edit]

Four Seasons Broadcasting is a joint venture between Venture Technologies Group, LLC and Cleveland, Ohio-based Malibu Broadcasting.

Station Affiliation RF Channel PSIP City/Region Notes
WAOE My Network TV 39 59.1 Peoria, Illinois Was operated through JSA by Granite Broadcasting Corporation until the JSA with Granite expired at the end of 2014, Four Seasons now owns & operates the Station outright.

Formerly-owned Stations[edit]

Station Affiliation RF Channel PSIP City/Region Notes
KNLA-CD Independent station 50 20 Los Angeles, California Was a repeater of KVME-TV, Now owned by NRJ TV, LCC
WAWA-LP UPN 14 (analog) WSTM-DT 24.2 Syracuse, New York The CW affiliate now owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
KPHX-LP Jewelry Television 58 (analog) None Phoenix, Arizona Now owned by Daystar Television Network
WBQD-LP My Network TV 26 (analog) WQAD 38.3 Davenport, Iowa/Quad Cities Now operates on a third digital sub-channel using the WQAD Call Letters and is owned by Tribune Broadcasting, However WBQD-LP is now Defunct as those calls were deleted by the FCC.
K38HP None (Defunct) 38 (analog) None Lubbock, Texas Station is now Defunct.
KNET-CD Independent
Super 22 affiliate weeknights from 6:30-10pm
25 (Digital) None San Gabriel, California Now owned by Local Media TV Holdings (Ronald Ulloa)
WNYA My Network Television, Antenna TV on DT2 13 51 Albany, New York/Capital District Now owned by Hubbard Broadcasting
WBTL-LP Was an Independent station mainly showing infomercials 38 (analog) None Toledo, Ohio Now Defunct
KWTA-LP Jewelry Television 31 Tucson, Arizona Now defunct
WASA-LD Estrella TV 25 (Digital) 24 New York City now owned by Liberman Broadcasting

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