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Venture resources refers to the process of subsidizing capital needed to develop a product or service in the early stages of a new venture with software development or other HR resources. The most traditional and familiar forms of external financing is to seek capital from Venture Capital[1] Firms, Angel Investors[2] or even banks. Both Venture Resource firms and fund managers[3] seek equity in exchange for cash or resource infusion in this case.

The concept of Venture Resources was developed to help early to late-stage start-ups leverage trained, skilled labor to develop their ideas. Similar methods of support are called Business Incubators[4] that offer, among other things, "physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections".[5] The difference in Venture Resources is that the business development operations of the venture are still external and the Venture Resources firm handles all the project management, development, staffing and support necessary to launch the venture. This can be more advantageous since it typically does not require the champion to relinquish too much control or ownership and may leave more ownership for the entrepreneur in later rounds of funding.


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