Venus in Blue Jeans

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"Venus in Blue Jeans"
45 Record of Venus in Blue Jeans.jpg
Single by Jimmy Clanton
Released 1962 (1962)

"Venus In Blue Jeans" is a 1962 song written by Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller.[1] It was recorded in 1962 by Jimmy Clanton and reached #7 on the Billboard charts.[2] It appeared at #46 on the CHUM Chart in Toronto on September 3, 1962, and peaked at #5 on October 1, 1962 in an 11-week stay[3] and #4 on the Ted Kennedy Weekly chart for October 8, 1962. [1]

The song was also recorded by English singer, Mark Wynter, whose release succeeded in reaching #4 on the UK charts. New Rochelle NY singer Bruce Bruno has also performed it.[4][1]

The song was written about Eileen Berner, whom Jack Keller was dating.


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