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Studio album by Casbah Club
Released June 17, 2006
Recorded 2005-2006 at KD Studios, West London and Eel Pie Studios
Genre Rock
Mod Rock
Hard rock
Length 53:05
Label Stir Music
Producer Simon Townshend
Simon Townshend chronology
"Looking Out Looking In"

Venustraphobia is an album by the rock band Casbah Club. It was released in 2006. The record is the debut album for the band and uses many of Simon Townshend's well received solo songs. The term venustraphobia supposedly means the fear of beautiful women.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Casbah Club, if not noted

No. Title Length
1. "Sex Change" 5:00
2. "Twenty to Eleven" 2:04
3. "When She Sleeps" 4:10
4. "Comeback" 3:44
5. "Medicine" 3:22
6. "Any Way She Moves" (Casbah Club, Stuart Adamson, Mark Brzezicki, Tony Butler, Bruce Watson and Paul Weller) 2:58
7. "Venustraphobia" 4:48
8. "Ages" 4:08
9. "Fly Away" (Simon Townshend, Andy Kravitz) 4:08
10. "Raised" 3:48
11. "Save Me From Me" 4:06
12. "Highness" 5:20
13. "Our Time" 6:22


Casbah Club
  • Simon Townshend - Producer:
  • Patrick Bird - Engineers
  • Wes Maebe - Engineers
  • Kenny Denton - Mixing (except "Any Way She Moves," mixed by Myles Clark at Eel Pie Studios.)

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