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For other uses, see Vera.
Song by Pink Floyd from the album The Wall
Published Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd
Released 30 November 1979 (UK)
8 December 1979 (US)
Recorded April–November 1979
Genre Art rock, progressive rock
Length 1:35
Label Harvest (UK)
Columbia (US)
Writer(s) Roger Waters
Producer(s) Bob Ezrin, David Gilmour, James Guthrie and Roger Waters

"Vera" is a song by Pink Floyd which appears on their 1979 album, The Wall.[1][2]


The title is a reference to Vera Lynn, a British singer who came to prominence during World War II with her popular song "We'll Meet Again". The reference is ironic, as Roger Waters (and his fictional character "Pink") would not meet his father, lost in the war. The lyric "Vera, what has become of you?" suggests that Vera Lynn herself, like her promise, vanished.

Another interpretation is that the song is about "Pink" losing all faith. This is supported by the fact that "Vera", in Russian, means "Faith". It is unknown if Waters did this on purpose or not.

The opening dialogue ("Where the hell are you, Simon?") and the sound effects are from the 1969 film The Battle of Britain.



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