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Vera Brezhneva
Vera Brejneva.jpg
During group concert (2006)
Background information
Birth nameVira Viktorivna Halushka
Віра Вікторівна Галушка
Вера Викторовна Галушка
Born (1982-02-03) 3 February 1982 (age 37)
Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
GenresPop, Pop rock, Doo-wop
Occupation(s)Singer, presenter, actress
Years active2003–2007 (Nu Virgos)
2008–present (solo)
Associated actsVerka Serduchka, Valeriy Meladze, TNMK, Diskoteka Avariya, Dan Balan
WebsiteOfficial Website

Vira Viktorivna Halushka (Ukrainian: Віра Вікторівна Галушка; Russian: Вера Викторовна Галушка, Vira Viktorivna Halushka; born 3 February 1982), better known by her stage name Vera Brezhneva (Russian: Вера Брежнева), is a Ukrainian pop-singer, television presenter and actress.[1]



Vera was born on 3 February 1982 in Dniprodzerzhynsk, in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union.[1] Her parents were not involved in the music or entertainment business. Her father, Viktor, worked in a chemical factory. Vera's mother, Tamara, who had graduated from medical school, worked in the same factory as Vera's father.[2][3] Vera has three sisters:[1] one older (Halyna) and two younger (Nastya and Vika, twins). She bought a flat for her parents in Boryspil, a town close to Kiev. The father of Vera's daughter (Sonia) is Vitaliy Voychenko, to whom Vera was married for a few years.[4] She earned a degree by correspondence from the faculty of economics of the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Engineering.[1]

Nu Virgos (also known as "VIA Gra")[edit]

In 2002, Brezhneva was invited to a casting organized to find a girl to replace Alena Vinnitskaya and she won. In January 2003 Nu Virgos started performing in the new configuration (Nadiya, Anna and Vera) that, due to its amazing popularity, gained the name of "the golden line up".

In July 2007, Brezhneva decided to have a break from the band, which ended in December 2007 with the official announcement of her leaving[5] Nu Virgos. Vera was replaced in the group by Tatiana Kotova.

Game-show presenter on Russian TV[edit]

Brezhneva was the presenter of the Russian version of the Power of 10 game-show called Магия 10-ти (lit. Magic of 10), which ran on Channel One Russia for two seasons from 7 January 2008 to 31 August 2008.[6]

Return to music[edit]

In May 2008, Vera premiered her first single called Ya ne igrayu (Я не играю; I Don't Play). The song was written by her former producer Konstantin Meladze. The second single Nirvana came out on 27 October 2008. Third single Ljubov v bolshom gorode (Любовь в большом городе; Love in the Big City) was released in 2009. Then she appeared in the video Leto vsegda (Лето всегда; Summer always) of the group Diskoteka Avariya with actresses Anastasia Zadorozhnaya & Svetlana Khodchenkova. The fourth single was released in April - Ljubov spasyot mir (Любовь спасёт мир; Love will Save the World) and reached #1 in Russian Airplay Weekly. The next single Pronto, a duet with Potap was released in September. Her sixth single was a duet with Dan Balan Lepestkami slyoz (Лепестками слез; Petal Tears). Early in 2011, Vera premiered her new single Realnaya zhizn (Реальная жизнь; Real Life), and at the end of 2011 the single Sexy Bambina and early in 2012 the single Ishu tebya (Ищу тебя; Searching for You) were released.


Vera has appeared in a number of Russian-language films. She played Katya in the film Love in the Big City (Любовь в большом городе) in 2009 and its two sequels in 2010 and 2013. In 2016 she played in 8 Best Dates. She also had a major part as herself in Yolki (Ёлки) and Yolki 2, and appeared in Jungle (Джунгли). Most of her film work has been in romantic comedies.



Year Single English translation Chart Positions
Ukraine Russia
2008 "Я не играю" I don't play 6
"Нирвана" Nirvana 80
2009 "Любовь в большом городе" Love in the big city 19
2010 "Любовь спасёт мир" Love will save the world 1 1
"Пронто" (with Potap) Pronto 31
"Лепестками слез" (with Dan Balan) By the petals of tears 1 1
2011 "Реальная жизнь" Real life 1 1
2012 "Sexy Bambina" 1
"Бессонница" Insomnia 6 20
"Ищу тебя" I am looking for you 7
"Любовь на расстоянии" (feat. DJ Smash) Love from a distance 48 14
2013 "Хороший день" Nice day 2 11
"Дом" Home
2014 "Доброе утро" Good morning 1 12
"Luna"(feat. Aleksandr Revva) Luna 142
"Девочка моя" My girl
2015 "Мамочка" Mommy 15
"Этажи"(feat. T-killah) Floors
2016 "Номер 1" Number 1 16
"Feel" Feel 854
2017 "Близкие люди" Close people


Studio albums

  • Lyubov spasyot mir (2010)
  • VERVERA (2015)


  • TBA (2020)


Vera Brezhneva has been the recipient of numerous awards including the celebrated title of the “Woman of the Year” in Russia.[7] She is considered one of the most beautiful women in Russia.[8] In 2007, 2012, 2015, and 2016 she was named the sexiest woman in Russia by the men’s magazine Maxim.[9][10]


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