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Former Verasy members Alexander Tikhanovich and Yadviga Poplavskaya in 2009

Verasy (Верасы) was a musical band created in Belarus (then Belarusian SSR, Soviet Union) in 1971. It was created under the Belarusian State Philarmony, Minsk, director and composer Vasily Rainchik.[1] Along with Pesnyary and Syabry, Verasy was one of major pop music groups in Belarus these times.

Verasy means heather (see Calluna).

In 2006 Rainchik created the band with the same name.[2]



  • 1975 Where to Find Such Happiness
  • 1976 Smells like Chabor
  • 1978 White Birch
  • 1978 Red Poppies
  • 1979 Herbs of Childhood
  • 1980 Our Discoteque
  • 1980 Robins Hearing a Voice
  • 1985 Music for All


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