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Verbatim Americas, LLC is a Japanese company that markets storage media and flash memory products. It is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation of Japan and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States.


The company was founded in 1969 and it has been a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemicals since 1990.

Key dates


Computer data storage products:

Those products are partly produced in Verbatim/Mitsubishi's own plants in Singapore and Japan, and partly under license by Taiwanese and Indian manufacturers.

Verbatim also resells relabeled products from Japanese, Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, Malaysian and Indian factories (Pearl White DVD series in Europe, some CD-R not labeled Super Azo), including but not limited to products by Taiyo Yuden, Ritek Corporation, CMC Magnetics, Prodisc, Moser Baer, Daxon/BenQ.


  • Teflon coating for floppy disk
  • Advanced Azo Dye Technology (patented Azo-Color technology)
  • SERL Super Eutectic Recording Layer technology for rewritable media (after deleting the medium it regenerates)
  • TERL (Tellurium Alloy Recording Layer) technology for special Audio CD-RWs
  • MABL for Blu-ray discs



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