Vercors Regional Natural Park

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Vercors Regional Natural Park (Parc naturel régional du Vercors)
Protected Area
Dent de Die.jpeg
Country France
State Drôme
Region Rhône-Alpes
Coordinates 44°55′41″N 5°29′24″E / 44.928°N 5.49°E / 44.928; 5.49Coordinates: 44°55′41″N 5°29′24″E / 44.928°N 5.49°E / 44.928; 5.49
Established 1970
Management Fédération des parcs naturels régionaux de France

The Vercors Regional Natural Park (French: Parc naturel régional du Vercors) is a protected area of forested mountains in the Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France.


Set upon a limestone plateau south of Grenoble, the park extends into the French Western Alps.[citation needed] It spans two departments, Drôme and Isère, and covers a total area of 135,000 hectares (330,000 acres).[1] The plateau's main elevation reaches 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) while the eastern Alpine mountain ridge tops 2,300 metres (7,500 ft) with Le Grand Veymont (2341m).[citation needed]

The Vercors area is peppered with caves. During World War II, it served as a safe and defensible position for the French Resistance: Forteresse de la Résistance.[2] The area now contains around three hundred monuments to the Resistance, including a memorial center and the preserved remains of a destroyed village.[3]

In modern times, Vercors has become a popular tourist destination frequented for skiing, hiking and spelunking.[2] Several small communes dot the landscape, supported principally by forestry, shepherding and tourism.[citation needed] The area was officially designated a regional natural park in 1970.[1]

The village of Pont-en-Royans perched on the edge of the Vercors

Member communes[edit]

The Vercors parklands include the following communes:[4][5]

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