Rio Verde Grande

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Rio Verde Grande
Rio Verde Grande is located in Brazil
Rio Verde Grande
Mouth location in Brazil
Country Brazil
Basin features
Main source Minas Gerais
River mouth 14°33′42″S 43°52′35″W / 14.561798°S 43.876411°W / -14.561798; -43.876411Coordinates: 14°33′42″S 43°52′35″W / 14.561798°S 43.876411°W / -14.561798; -43.876411

Rio Verde Grande (Portuguese for "big green river") is a river of Minas Gerais state in eastern Brazil, that forms the boundary with Bahia state in its lowest reaches. It is a tributary of the São Francisco River.

The Caminho dos Gerais State Park protects the sources of the Verde Pequeno River, a tributary of the Rio Verde Grande, which in turn is a tributary of the São Francisco River.[1]

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