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Formation 1986
Type Theatre group
  • Norway

Verdensteatret is a hybrid performance art company based in Norway.

In 1986 Lisbeth Bodd and Asle Nilsen founded Verdensteatret, a collective of artists from different fields who collaborate to stage pieces which combine performance, installation, shadow-play, sound and animation.[1] Using mostly found and repurposed material (they use the word "flotsam") like driftwood, wire, bicycle parts and bones, they use both computers and live actors to create audiovisual concerts.[2] For example, their 2008 show Louder combined robotics, videography, music and shadow-play to create a dreamlike journey through the Mekong Delta.[3] In 2006 Concert for Greenland won a Bessie Award in the category Performance, Installation, and New Media "for building exquisite links between seemingly incompatible technologies and materials-robots, video, piano, driftwood, and computers; for sharing their succinctly visualized yet beautifully ambivalent relationship to hidden landscapes; and for offering a poetically and emotionally evocative soundscape of a far-off place...," according to the jury statement.[4] Concert for Greenland was performed at P.S. 122 (Performance Space 122) in New York.

Production History[edit]

  • Broen over Gjørme (2014)
  • And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing (2010)
  • Louder (2008)
  • Fortellerorkestret (2005/06)
  • Concert for Greenland (2003/05)
  • Tsalal (2001/02)
  • Régla (2000/01)
  • Faust/Massnamhe (1998)
  • Philoktetes (1996/97)
  • Orfeo (1995)


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