Verena Rehm

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Verena Rehm
Birth name Verena Carmen Rehm
Born (1984-05-14) 14 May 1984 (age 33)
Genres Pop, rock, Trance, Eurodance
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter and producer
Years active 2002 – present
Associated acts Groove Coverage, Suprime Records, Age Pee, Renegade Masterz, SpringBreak

Groove Coverage Official Site

Suprime Records

Verena Carmen Rehm, born 14 May 1984 in Neuburg, Bavaria, is best known as the backing vocalist and pianist of the Eurodance dance group Groove Coverage. She has many song writing credits both within and outside the group and also sings for many other German dance acts.

Early life[edit]

After attending kindergarten, Verena discovered her passion for music. In her autobiography on the Suprime Records website, Verena states that her interest began with her father's old piano, which lead Verena to begin piano lessons. At 14, Verena joined the cover band Querbeet. She spent 4 years with them as their lead singer, also playing the keyboard.

Suprime Records and Groove Coverage[edit]

At the age of 18, Verena was approached by Axel Konrad and Ole Wierk, who asked her to join the team at Suprime Records. After debating against herself for a while, she accepted. Verena, along with Markus Shaffarzyk (aka DJ Novus) was one of the faces for Groove Coverage when they first started, even though she was not the lead singer. This was because Mell was pregnant and could not travel to the locations of live gigs, photo shoots, and music video sets.

Verena has sung lead on a number of songs done by the group including, Lullaby for Love and Rock, and has had solos during the bridge of songs such as Only Love and Because I Love You. She appeared in two of the group's music videos, God is a Girl and The End, although in both of these songs Mell sings the lead while Verena provides backing vocals. Verena was the stage performer miming the lyrics to their hit songs while lead vocalist Mell was pregnant. Since then, Verena has taken on a more behind the scenes or back seat role in the group, while she continues to write songs and record backing vocals she has been absent from video and photo shoots as well as live performances. Verena was one of the coproducers for the group's 21st Century album.

Other projects[edit]

Verena sings lead for the song Face 2 Face by Future Trace United, which is a group formed by the most successful DJs in Germany, including Axel Konrad and Special D, both of whom Verena has worked with separately. Working with Special D on his album Reckless, Verena wrote and provided lead vocals for the song Keep The Faith. Verena also works frequently with fellow Groove Coverage producer and Suprime Records label owner Axel Konrad. Axel operates under many different aliases for his music including: Age Pee, Renegade Masterz, and Spring Break. In 2012, she recorded the song My Party with DJane HouseKat and Rameez. She didn't got credit on it for an unknown reason but, she performed the song live in the The Dome 62 along DJane HouseKat and the British rapper Rameez.

Age Pee[edit]

Verena provides vocals for the songs: Hymn, Out of the Dark, When the Rain Begins to Fall, Because of You

Renegade Masterz[edit]

Verena provides vocals for the songs: Crystal Ship, Nasty Girl

Spring Break[edit]

Verena provides vocals for the songs: Shut up, Big Bad Love

Fashion Music[edit]

Verena runs a music school called Fashion Music, where she teaches students singing, piano and the art of music composition.

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