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Verena Stefan (October 3, 1947 – November 29, 2017) was a Swiss-born[1] feminist and writer living in Germany, later in Canada.[2]

She was born in Bern[1] and moved to Berlin in 1968 to become a physical therapist and study sociology at the Free University of Berlin. Her first book Häutungen (Shedding) (1975) was based on her experiences living in Berlin. In 1980, she published a book of poems Mit Füßen, mit Flügeln (With feet, with wings).[3]

With Gabriele Meixner, she has published German translations of Dream of a Common Language by Adrienne Rich and Lesbian Peoples by Monique Wittig.[2] Stefan has also published essays on writing for Die Zeit and Frauenoffensive.[4]

She lived together with Lise Moisan and died in Montreal on November 29, 2017.[5]


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