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Coordinates: 40°32′2.80″N 22°12′8.50″E / 40.5341111°N 22.2023611°E / 40.5341111; 22.2023611

Veria Stadium
(Στάδιο Βέροιας)
West stand of Veria Stadium.jpg
Full name Municipal Stadium of Veria
Location Greece Veria, Greece
Coordinates 40°32′2.80″N 22°12′8.50″E / 40.5341111°N 22.2023611°E / 40.5341111; 22.2023611
Owner Municipality of Veria
Operator Veria
Capacity 7,000
Field size 104 x 70m
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Yes
Opened 1925 (renovated in 1997, 2005, 2007 and 2013)
GMS Megas Alexandros (1925–1950)
Veria Fc (1960–)
Pontioi Verias (1984–1995)
Greece (2014–)
2015 UEFA Euro U–19

Veria Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Veria, Greece. It is used for football matches, and is the home stadium of Veria FC. It was built in 1925 by members of music and gymnastics association Megas Alexandros. The stadium holds about 7,000. It is situated 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) off the city centre. Record attendance is 10,309 for a game between Veria and Panathinaikos in 1970. However, during a game between Veria FC and PAOK FC there were about 12,000 fans, but most of them entered the stadium without a ticket. The stadium formerly held track races too but after the renovations in 2005 and 2007 the space for track runners was removed.


During 1997 Veria F.C. in co-operation with Municipality of Veria installed a roof at the west stand while, in 1998 an electronic scoreboard was installed. Again, in 2005 a lighting system was installed while the stadium capacity was greatly reduced due to the installation of seats to approximately 5.300. Although, in 2007 administration board of Veria & the City's mayor agreed to the construction of a north and a south stand which increased the stadium capacity to 7.000. During the team's comeback to the Superleague in 2012 Veria applied some improvements to the stadium in order to be qualified to host the championship matches.[1]

In 2013, Veria F.C. announced another renovation in the stadium. Since the beginning of the season due to security reasons the stands were upgraded as security rails were installed. Also due to damaged drainage system and an almost destroyed football field, in September 16, 2013 Veria announced the replacement of current drainage system and the reinstallation of a new football field. The replacement is expected to be complete in October 20, 2013. Veria F.C. is expected to use her stadium again in the local derby against Aris in October 20. Also there are plans of another expansion in the near future while soon the electronic ticket will be available in Veria Stadium as well. In October 18, 2013 Veria announced that the renovation of stadium was over and the stadium was ready to host again Veria's fixtures in Superleague Greece. Except the pitch's replacement the stadium was painted in blue-crimson colours while new goalposts were installed. Last but not least the locker rooms and the stadium's entrance were improved too. So that the stadium is able to host International matches.


In summer of 2015 Veria and her stadium will host in Greece along with Katerini and Larissa the 2015 UEFA European Under-19 Championship. Also every year, during the summer season there are plenty of music concerts taking place. On 17 September 2014 Veria Stadium held its first ever international match between Greece and Albania as part of 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup European qualification round.[2] During November 2014, an international friendly tournament was held at Veria Stadium.[3]

Most Receipts[edit]

# Match Tickets Score Date
Veria vs Panathinaikos
10.309 0–0 20/09/1970
Veria vs Doxa Dramas
10.135 2–1 12/04/1970
Veria vs Doxa Dramas
9.500 0–0 23/01/1977
Veria vs PAOK
9.500 1–3 09/04/1978
Veria vs Olympiacos
9.028 2–1 30/01/1972
Veria vs PAOK
8.506 1–0 01/11/1970
Veria vs Olympiacos
8.234 0–0 22/12/1968
Veria vs Olympiacos
8.226 2–1 22/04/1968
Veria vs PAOK
8.149 1–0 30/04/1972
Veria vs Aris
8.145 2–1 26/01/1969

International Matches[edit]

# Match Score Date Attendance
Greece Greece vs Albania Albania
4–0 17/09/2014 N/A
Greece Greece vs France France
0–0 13/11/2014 N/A
France France vs Spain Spain
1–5 15/11/2014 N/A
Germany Germany vs France France
4–2 17/11/2014 N/A
Greece Greece vs Ukraine Ukraine
2–0 06/07/2015 3,430
Spain Spain vs Russia Russia
1–3 10/07/2015 1,322
Ukraine Ukraine vs Austria Austria
2–2 12/07/2015 992
Spain Spain vs Netherlands Netherlands
1–1 13/07/2015 1,811



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