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Verité Research
Verité Research.jpg
Founder(s) Nishan de Mel
Established 2010 [1]
Mission Verité Research aims to be a leader in the provision of information and analysis for decision making and policy making in Asia, while also promoting dialogue and education for social development in the region.
Staff 20
Location Colombo, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Address Verité Research Pvt. Ltd. 5, Police Park Place,(Off Police Park Avenue), Colombo 00500, Sri Lanka.
Website Verité Research

Verité Research is an independent interdisciplinary think tank providing strategic analysis and advice for governments and the private sector in Asia. Its main research divisions are economics, politics, law and media. Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka its clients include multinational firms, multilateral agencies, diplomatic missions, government agencies and civil society actors.[2][3][4][5]

It was founded in 2010 by its Executive Director, Dr. Nishan de Mel, a former senior Sri Lankan policy maker.[6][7]


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