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Veritas International University (VIU) is an accredited non-profit Christian university located in Santa Ana, California. Founded in 2008, the university began as a seminary before transitioning to a university with the addition of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in late 2017.[1]


Veritas International University was established by Norman Geisler and Joseph M. Holden in 2008 as Veritas Evangelical Seminary.[1] Beginning with the objective to train Christian leaders specializing in classical Christian apologetics, the seminary expanded its programs to include various degree offerings, including archaeology and biblical history in 2018.[1] The name change to Veritas International University was approved in late 2017, and implemented in January 2018.[1]

Veritas International University was accredited in 2014 by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), and is recognized by the United States Department of Education.[2]


Veritas International University has nine-degree programs, held within three schools:  Veritas College & Seminary, VIU School of Archaeology, and the VIU Norman L. Geisler School of Apologetics.[3] Each school is part of the university, emphasizing their respective areas of study that includes Christian studies, biblical studies, theological studies, Near Eastern archaeology and biblical history, apologetics, and pastoral studies.[3]

The Best Schools and Colleges ranked Veritas International University's graduate program in Christian apologetics as the sixth best in the United States.[4]

Doctrinal stance[edit]

Veritas International University has an evangelical doctrinal statement that emphasizes "three legs" of biblical authority:  inspiration, infallibility, and biblical inerrancy.[5] In addition to its approach to biblical studies, Veritas maintains a focus on classical theology, apologetics, and Thomistic philosophy.[6]


Veritas International University's main campus is in Santa Ana, California with a satellite teaching site in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[7]

Research and publishing[edit]

Veritas International University's School of Archaeology is engaged in a joint excavation project at Tall el-Hammam with Trinity Southwest University, which has a similar doctrinal position.[8] Collins is also the Professor of Archaeology and Biblical History along with Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Veritas International University,[9] and the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (formally known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).[10][11] The project is directed by Veritas International University's Professor of Archaeology and Biblical History, Steven Collins.[11][12]

Organization and administration[edit]

Notable current and former faculty[edit]

Steven Collins, author and archaeologist.[12]

Norman Geisler, author, theologian, and Thomistic evangelical philosopher.[13]

Skip Heitzig, pastor and author.[14]

J. Randall Price, author and archaeologist.[12][15]

Notable graduates[edit]

Brian Nixon - journalist, author, broadcaster, and musician.

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