Verizon North

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Verizon North LLC
Subsidiary of Verizon
Industry Telecommunications
Predecessor Frontier North
Founded 2010
Area served
Products Local Telephone Service
Parent Verizon (2010-present)

Verizon North LLC is a Verizon operating company providing local telephone service to former GTE customers in Pennsylvania.


In 2010, when the original Verizon North, whose service region included Pennsylvania,[1] was sold to Frontier Communications, the original company became Frontier North, with the Pennsylvania operations split into a new company, Verizon North Retain Company.[2]

The current company, Verizon North LLC, was created in December 2010 and absorbed the operations of Verizon North Retain Co.[3]

It is separate from Verizon Pennsylvania which provides telephone service to former Bell System lines.


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