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Founded 1990
Founder Sam McPheeters
Defunct 2002
Genre Punk rock
Country of origin United States
Location Various

Vermiform Records was an American independent record label that specialized in releasing punk rock music from 1990 until 2002. Vermiform released 58 albums and relocated many times,[1] being headquartered in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island and California at different times. The label was run by Sam McPheeters, the singer from the band Born Against.[2][3]



No. Year Artist Title Format Release notes
0 1990 Various Artists Murders Among Us 7" Co-release with Combined Effort Records, approximately 2,500 copies pressed.
0.5 Born Against Eulogy 7" Two pressings made, 2,500 copies pressed.
1 Born Against 7" Five pressings, 7,090 copies pressed. First pressing had purple and white labels, later pressings had yellow labels with either green or purple text.
2 1991 Rorschach Remain Sedate LP, CS Two pressings of the LP were made, making 2,000 LP copies total. Cassette edition was pressed once, with only 1,000 made.
3 Life's Blood Defiance 7" Originally released by Combined Effort Records. The Vermiform edition was pressed four times, making 4,166 copies total. Also released with the catalog number 3CD is the Defiance discography compilation, which was pressed once in 1996 with 2,144 copies made.
4 Menace Dement Nanna 7" Co-release with Lungcast Records. Single pressing, 1,000 copies made.
4.5 Rorschach/Neanderthal Rorschach/Neanderthal 7" Split 7" between Rorschach and Neanderthal. Pressed twice, approximately 2,500 copies made.
5 Citizens Arrest Colossus LP Co-release with Wardance. One pressing was made of the split label version, with 1,000 copies made. Wardance would repress the record by themselves later.
6 Born Against 9 Patriotic Hymns For Children LP Pressed four times, 5,967 copies pressed. The CD edition of the album was released by Vermiform in 1994 with the catalog number 6.5. The CD was pressed four times, the total number of copies being 9,322.
7 Econochrist Another Victim 7" Pressed once, 1,000 copies made.
8 1992 The Manacled The Manacled 7" Pressed once, 1,000 copies made.
9 1991 Man Is The Bastard Sum Of The Men: "The Brutality Continues..." LP Pressed twice, 4,200 copies pressed total. In 1996, Vermiform issued the album on CD format with bonus tracks, labeling it with the catalog number 9CD. 5,054 CD copies pressed.
10 1992 Econochrist Trained To Serve LP Pressed once, 2,000 copies made.
11 1993 Various Artists Fear Of Smell LP Pressed twice, 2,441 total copies made. Early copies had unique, hand made covers. Later released on CD in 1998 with the catalog number 11CD, 1,900 copies made in a single pressing.
12 Born Against Battle Hymns Of The Race War 10" Pressed twice, 5,326 copies made.
13 Moss Icon Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly LP Pressed three times, 3,500 copies made. Later made available on CD as Lyburnum with bonus tracks in 1997. This CD version had the catalog number 13CD with 1,518 copies made in two pressings.
14 Heroin Heroin 12" Co-release with Gravity Records. Pressed twice, with approximately 2,000 copies made. Two different covers for this release exists.
15 Man Is The Bastard Our Earth's Blood 7" Pressed twice, 1,538 copies made.
16 1994 Born Against/Man Is The Bastard A Call For Consciousness 8" Pressed twice with 5,000 copies total made. Test pressings were done on 10" format.
17 Men's Recovery Project Make A Baby 7" Pressed twice, 2,513 copies made.
18 (Young) Pioneers Food Stamps 7" Pressed twice, 2,000 copies made.
19 1995 Man Is The Bastard/Sinking Body Man Is The Bastard/Sinking Body 7" Pressed twice, 2,006 copies made.
20 Born Against The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure LP, CD, CS Discography compilation. LP pressed five times with 6,088 copies made. CD pressed seven times with 11,306 copies made. Cassette pressed once with 1,000 copies made.
21 (Young) Pioneers First Virginia Volunteers LP, CD Single pressings made for each format. 2,053 LP copies pressed, 2,203 CD copies pressed.
22 We March! 7", CD 7" pressed once with 2,195 copies made. The CD edition, which comes with 5 bonus tracks, was also pressed only once with 2,000 copies made.
23 1996 Sinking Body The Discovery Of Iron Ore 10" Pressed once, 2,039 copies pressed.
24 The Fresh-O-Matics Vermiform Proudly Presents The Fresh-O-Matics 7" Pressed once, 1,037 copies made.
25 The Great Unraveling Space Travel 7" Pressed once, 2,045 copies made.
26 Worst Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario LP Pressed once, 2,028 copies made. In 1997, Vermiform issued The Complete Works Of, a discography compilation that includes the catalog number 26CD. It was pressed once with 1,734 copies made.
27 (Young) Pioneers Crime Wave 10" Pressed twice, 1,929 copies made. In 1997, the CD edition was issued. This CD included bonus tracks and had the catalog number 27CD.
28 Bullet In The Head Jawbone Of An Ass CD Originally released by Lungcast Records. Vermiform edition pressed once, 867 copies made.
28.5 Men's Recovery Project New Human Micro 5" Tour edition 5", pressed once. Approximately 500 copies made.
29 Menace Dement Menace Dement LP Pressed once, 1,021 copies pressed.
30 Towel Towel 7" Pressed once, 1,544 copies made.
31 1997 Screeching Weasel Formula 27 7" Pressed twice, with 3,453 copies made.
32 Witchypoo Witchypoo Salutes The Space Program 7" Pressed once, 1,007 copies made.
33 Hail Mary Crashing Down 7" Pressed twice, 1,548 copies made.
34 Landed Why I Live 10" Pressed once, 717 copies made.
35 Amps For Christ Thorny Path LP, CD Both editions pressed once. 1,024 LP copies made, 956 CD copies made.
36 Towel Towel 8" Pressed once, 1,006 copies made.
37 1998 Hail Mary My Will To Die Is Dead 7" Pressed once, 1,125 copies made.
38 Sinking Body Neurotic Habits Of The Invisible Man 7" Pressed once, 1,100 copies pressed.
39 Various Artists Fruited Other Surfaces CD Pressed once, 1,150 copies made.
40 Men's Recovery Project The Golden Triumph Of Naked Hostility CD Pressed once, 2,000 copies made.
41 Sam McPheeters/The Catholic Church Sam McPheeters/The Catholic Church 5" Pressed once, 1,000 copies made.
42 Rah Bras Wear The Beat Spectacular CD Pressed once, 1,391 copies made.
43 Men's Recovery Project/Sinking Body Grappling With The Hemnoids LP, CD Both editions pressed once. 1,100 LP copies made, 1,475 CD copies made.
44 Bastard Noise If It Be Not True 2xCD Pressed once, 940 copies made.
45 Landed Everything's Happening LP, CD Both editions pressed once. 1,073 LP copies made, 1,000 CD copies made.
46 Towel Anthology CD Discography compilation. Pressed once, 1,027 copies made.
47 1999 Mr. Brinkman Transmittens CD Pressed once, 500 copies made.
48 Pleasurehorse Small Purse CD Pressed once, 500 copies made.
49 Witchypoo Pitchy Woo CD Pressed once, 956 copies made.
50 2001 Various Artists False Object Sensor CD Pressed once, 2,000 copies made.
51 1999 Amps For Christ Circuits CD Pressed once, 1,000 copies made.
52 Hail Mary All Aboard The Sinking Ship LP, CD Both editions pressed once. 1,000 LP copies made, 1,500 CD copies made.
53 Men's Recovery Project Resist The New Way LP. CD Both editions pressed once. 1,000 LP copies made, 950 CD copies made.
55 2001 Fast Forward Fast Forward CD Pressed once, 1,037 copies made.

Note that there is no release with the catalog number of 54. This is because originally that catalog number was going to belong to a Man Is The Bastard live album, however the release was scrapped last minute.

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